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One of the coolest things we did this summer was take a ride on a power bike. We were on our annual trip to Bear Lake and found a new company in Garden City called Firefly Power Bikes. They rent the bikes, provide helmets, and send you on your way. It was a pretty amazing experience!

Power bikes have a battery charge that helps do the work. There are two ways to make them go, and the first is the simplest. Just press or turn the throttle. The bike will shoot up to about 25 miles an hour, which may not sound fast for a car, but is screaming fast for a bike. You can get about 25 miles out of the battery using the throttle only.

Dustin, the owner of Firefly Power Bikes, is great to work with. Very helpful.
The bikes were so speedy.

The second way to make the power bike go is by using the Pedal Assist system. You can turn it up through multiple levels so that you get more assistance as you pedal. That basically means that each pedal you put in to the bike, gives you more electrical power. The bike goes even faster in this mode, and the battery lasts much longer.

Our boys loved every second of the ride.

Garden City has some great bike paths, and we rode for about 20 miles in an hour and a half. Our boys loved this activity! Our teen and tween were able to handle the bikes on their own, but the 7-year-old rode in a trailer behind Dad. It was easy to forget you are towing a trailer, because the bike is doing the majority of the work!

The Garden City bike trail is great for bike rides.
We ended at the top of the hill with a beautiful view of Bear Lake.

This activity was an awesome way to spend a few hours, and would be great for family vacations, single riders, or those with families who are a little more mature. Our boys are begging to do it again!

Firefly Power Bikes is located in Garden City near Bear Lake. Visit their website for hours, pricing, and reservations. For other activities in the area, check out our things do at Bear Lake.

Riding power bikes was a blast!

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