Hires Big H

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We love finding local restaurants that are great for families to enjoy a meal together. You have probably seen our Best Restaurants in Every County post. We are definitely going to add Hires Big H to that list. This fun carhop restaurant has great food and has been around since 1959.

Look for the Hires Big H sign!

We actually first ate a Hires Big H hamburger at a Utah Jazz game. We saw the fries and knew we had to try the food out. And once we tasted the burgers, we were determined to visit the actual Hires Big H and enjoy more of their delicious food.

There are huge menus posted for easy ordering.

Hires Big H is located in Salt Lake City. There are actually 3 locations, plus the stand at the Jazz arena. They all have a sit down area inside, but you can also pull up and order your food right from your car like the old car hop days. Just turn your lights on when you are ready to order.

Our boys really loved eating in the car.

The waitresses aren’t on roller skates, but the food still came quickly and it is amazing. The hamburgers have nice soft buns, the fries are fresh cut, the fry sauce is perfect, and they even make their own homemade root beer. Our kids declared it their favorite restaurant and asked if we could come back tomorrow. That is a real winner.

The fries are amazing, and so is the fry sauce!
We love their homemade root beer, but lots of people also love their cherry limeade!
The burgers are so good!!

We didn’t try any shakes, but they have a great list of ice cream and desserts to try. Now we definitely have to go back and visit again.

If you are looking for some good old fashioned burgers and fries, and an old fashioned car hop experience, then go visit Hires Big H. You’ll be glad you did.

Make sure to visit Hires Big H!

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