Escape Room Park City

We have been looking for a family friendly escape room for a long time, and we finally found one in Park City. Escape Room Park City has some rooms designed specifically for families with no zombie apocalypse, serial killer, or monster. We took our seven year old, and he did great!

The escape room is on the second floor of the Gateway Center in Park City.

The premise of the escape room that we worked in is that you are trapped in an old mine and must find a way out before the mine collapses. This wasn’t scary at all for our boys, and they immediately jumped right in on the puzzles. We don’t want to give away any of the secrets of this escape room, but it started off with a simple search of the room. Our youngest was immediately intrigued, because he could help us look for the particular item that we were searching for. In fact, he had an advantage being a little smaller and able to climb under things.

They have puzzles and games while you wait.

There were a lot of combination and key locks in the mine shaft room. This meant figuring out codes and keys. Each puzzle in Escape Room Park City is unique as all of them are designed by the couple who owns the business. They even told us that a few puzzles they had to set up on their lawn and practice. We loved that it is all handmade by the owners.

We escaped!

We really enjoyed the Escape Room Park City, and we were so glad we finally got to take our boys with us! It was a great family friendly adventure. We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside the escape room, but that keeps everything a mystery.

Find this shopping center and head upstairs.

Info for Families

  • Schedule your Escape Room on their website.
  • Hours: Open every day. Check their website because each day has different hours.
  • Address: ​136 Heber Ave, #207  in Park City. They are in the Gateway Center on the 2nd floor.
  • Parking: There are quite a few free parking lots right near the Escape Room Park City.

We were given free admission to this venue in exchange for our review. But our opinions are our own, and we are honest and open about our experience.

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