Java Cow Ice Cream | Park City

Java Cow Cafe & Bakery is a great stop for ice cream in downtown Park City. Though parking is always a problem downtown, Java Cow is worth the stop. All of their ice cream is made in house, and there are a variety of interesting flavors. We enjoyed the moonana, which is based off banana ice cream and has blackberry with chunks of milk and white chocolate. The pistachio coconut was also delicious.

We tried a lot of flavors!

If you are not in the mood for ice cream, Java Cow also has cookies, muffins, coffee, and other small cafe items for a small meal. There were crepes, waffles, quiche, and more. We had just eaten a big lunch at Davanza’s, so we were most excited for the ice cream. The all natural ice cream is made in house, too.

This is a great stop for a snack or treat.

The Java Cow also has a small variety store with trinkets and souvenirs. There are plenty of things to see, and there’s a place in the back to sit and eat your ice cream if you don’t want to walk and eat.

The ice cream at Java Cow Cafe and Bakery is around $5 per person, which may seem a little pricy, but it seems that everything is a bit more expensive in Park City. We thought the homemade ice cream was worth it!

Java Cow is a quirky little restaurant.


  • Java Cow is located at 402 Main Street. Very close to the Park City Museum.
  • Parking: Paid parking is available on Main Street or directly behind the shop in China Bridge with free or modest parking fees, depending on time of day.
  • Hours: Sun-Thurs: 7am-9pm, Fri & Sat : 7am-10pm

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