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We decided to try out Edu-tainment in West Valley City this week. Edu-tainment is an activity playhouse for children that is built on to the West Valley City Family Fitness Center in Centennial Park. I think the idea is that parents can drop their children off to play while they go work out and get fit.

Our boys loved the Edu-tainment, though I would’ve felt uncomfortable leaving them alone there (no one else did– we were about the only parents in the place.) Most kids were older than ours (7, 4, and 1). Ages ranged from about 6-12 for most of the kids there.

We liked the facilities, and in a way, it reminded us of a cross between the Children’s Museum and McDonald’s Playland. There was a small grocery store, a video game center, a huge indoor climbing toy, and a movie theater showing a movie. Our boys were sad when it came time to leave, but Mom and Dad thought this place was a little rundown. The Edu-tainment center wasn’t really well supervised, and as a result, a few things were missing or broken.

Still, we could overlook a little hard use for the cost. We paid $5 for all three of our children (parents are free) to spend a few hours exploring the place. On a winter day, when that kids haven’t gotten out to run around for a few weeks due to cold and bad air quality, Edu-tainment was a pretty good adventure.

The grocery store
The playset is huge…with lots of different areas to play.
I appreciated this toddler section.
There were bathrooms and a basketball court.
Our boys loved the space theme!

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