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Cluff’s Carhop Cafe in Fillmore

(Last Updated On: April 9, 2016)


We’ve done a lot of reviews of restaurants (all honest and unpaid) for our Fun Food category, but we are convinced that the best burger place in Utah is Cluff’s Carhop Cafe in Fillmore. We’ve eaten at this restaurant several times, and each time we are more convinced.


Cluff’s is in the unlikeliest of places, Fillmore, Utah, but luckily this is right on the I-15 and if you plan accordingly, you can make a stop on the way to or from St. George or Las Vegas.


Cluff’s was opened in 1950 and the restaurant looks like it. If you are into fancy curtains and soft music, you’ll be disappointed. Most of Cluff’s seating is outside, and the restaurant actually closes for several months in the winter (according to the lady at the counter they were closed from December to March this year, but it is different every year, so you may went to call ahead if there is any question). We always call before we go because they have shorter hours on Saturday, too–usually 11 am-4 pm, while the weekdays are 11 am-8:30 pm, but just to be sure: 435-743-5510.


The restaurant has a lot of outside seating which is fun during the summer!


We enjoy the decor inside.

The food at Cluff’s is our favorite: Burgers, fries, and shakes. The burgers are really juicy and nice and very reasonably priced (expect $7-$8 per person). The fries are the best thing on the menu– not the curly ones, the hand cut deep fried french-fries like mom used to make. They are cooked nice and dark, and they are lightly salted, but they don’t need much.


Mmmm! Just looking at these fries makes me want to drive to Fillmore.


The burgers and sandwiches are great, too.

After dinner, we order shakes. There aren’t a million options like in some of places, but you’ll want to try the hot fudge anyway. It is homemade fudge, and it is really thick and creamy. The fudge makes an amazing shake!


We love the shakes at Cluff’s Car hop!


The homemade hot fudge is divine!

We like a lot of restaurants, but if we could go to any restaurant in Utah, it would be Cluff’s Carhop Cafe in Fillmore every time.


To get to Cluff’s, take the North Fillmore Exit (Exit 167) and drive south 1 mile. Cluff’s is on the East (left) hand side of the road. You can access Cluff’s from the south, too, by driving the “business loop,” which is just Main Street, but it is shorter even when coming from the south to take the north exit and drive back.

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