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JCWs in Utah County

(Last Updated On: May 25, 2016)


We’ve written about our favorite restaurants for families in several Utah counties, which you can find on our fun food category highlighted in blue on the right, or by clicking the link.


We live in Utah County, and we have so many favorites here, so we’ve taken our time working on this post. We’ve finally decided that the one place you should try if you’re passing through Utah County is JCW’s. This is a burger place with fries and ice cream.


There are now 4 locations for JCW’s, one on west side of Highland/Alpine exit just north of Thanksgiving Point, one in American Fork on State Street and 6oo East, and one in Provo on 2230 W and University Parkway near Movies 8.  The fourth location we haven’t tried yet and it’s actually in Salt Lake County in South Jordan at 10660 S River Front Parkway, which is near the Market Street Grill and many other restaurants.

We love the decor in JCWs. They have local schools and sports memorabilia on display (this is at the JCWs in American Fork).

We love the decor in JCWs. They have local schools and sports memorabilia on display (this is at the JCWs in American Fork). They usually have U of U, BYU, UVU, and Jazz items in most of their restaurants.

At any location you can expect to see the exact same menu which features a wide variety of burgers, including chicken and bacon options. The fries are pretty incredible, especially if you like cheese fries, which are literally drenched with cheese. My favorite burger is easily the guacamole bacon burger, which has a thick layer of nice fresh guacamole.


Dad would eat this burger every day if he could afford it and didn’t have to worry about calories.

The salads are really good too. Sometimes Mom doesn’t feel like eating a huge burger and fries, so she gets a salad. They are huge and have lots of different topping options. And there are also fish ‘n’ chips, chicken tenders, and other hot sandwiches. There are a lot of different dining options which is one reason we love this restaurant–everyone is happy!


This is just a side salad and it’s $4. I couldn’t finish it!

The ice cream at JCW’s is really incredible, too. They have the best vanilla soft serve in the world, but you really should try a shake. There are a dozens of options with flavors, mix-ins, and combinations. We’ve tried pumpkin almond, eggnog, Heath, and about 20 different things with chocolate in them. The shakes are really large, too (even the regular size is HUGE). We usually eat half, cover them with tinfoil, place them in the freezer and finish them the next day. They have a new mini size, which is just right if you don’t want leftovers.


Small on the left, mini on the right!


The food at JCW’s is great! Expect to pay around $10 per adult (shakes extra), depending on your order. Kids meals are around $4-$5 each. You can check out their menu online, too.


The kids’ meals come with fries and a drink.

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