U-Dig Fossils: Find your own fossils near Delta

We had an amazing time at U-Dig fossils, and we were blown away by how easy it was to find fossils of our very own! If you have a dinosaur lover or a rockhound, you simply have to give U-Dig a try.

We are very amateur rock hunters. We checked out the Wonderstone Quarry, and we searched up our own geodes at Dugway Geode Beds. Since our boys are always collecting, examining, and throwing all kinds of rocks, we figured that they would enjoy fossil hunting, too. Boy, we were right!

Child holding up a rock with a fossil impression at U Dig Fossils.
This is an impression of one of the trilobites that we found.

Family Owned and Operated

U-Dig Fossils is in the middle of nowhere. It requires a long drive from the Wasatch Front, some of which is on a very passable, solid dirt road (any car could do it). We paired the trip with a few other adventures near Delta and made a day of it. When we arrived, we were greeted by a friendly young man. It turned out, that U-Dig is a family operation. While we were there, we met two sons and Mom and Dad, all of whom were super-helpful. We got checked in, and they took us to a good spot for finding fossils.

U-Dig fossils check in counter
Check in at the counter to pay and get your supplies.
U Dig Fossils teaching kids about fossil types.
We learned about the fossils: how old they are and what types we would find.

Learning What to Do

Our helper started by choosing a rock, which was flat, mostly smooth, and obviously layered. He showed us how to use the hammer (provided) to break the rock apart in layers. Then he showed us the different types of fossils we might encounter. All of the fossils are marine fossils from around 500 million years ago! There are a several types of trilobytes, plants, and a few other, smaller specimens.

A kid hammering rocks while looking for fossils.
Our boys loved breaking the rocks open with hammers.
the rock quarry at U Dig fossils with people hammering
It was fun trying to find fossils in all the rocks.

Finding Fossils

What surprised us most was the consistency of the fossils. In nearly every rock we picked up, there was something to be found! We are convinced that everyone who visits U-Dig Fossils will be amazed at the number and ease of fossils they find! The most difficult part was trying to decide which fossils to keep, and which to leave for someone else.

Occasionally, we’d find a particularly impressive specimen. We’d all gather round with oohs and aahs, and lots of “That’s a keeper” comments. We had such a great time working together.

Child holding a rock in a rock quarry.
The rocks are full of fossil at U-Dig.
Trilobite fossil found at U Dig.
It feel like searching for treasure when you break open a rock and find a fossil.
a trilobite fossil at U dig fossils
We found a lot of trilobite fossils.


After we’d had our fill of fossil collecting, we took our treasures back to the top of the hill. We laid them out on the table and decided which ones were worth polishing. We had help in this from the owners. They noted which fossils would polish nicely, which we could cut or pop out of the rock, and how we might make the best examples into displays. After we’d made the decisions, they polished, cut and explained to us how we might care for some of the more delicate fossils with a toothbrush.

children looking at fossils on a table
We brought our fossils back and decided which ones we needed to polish and keep. This is from one of two buckets.
a worker polishing the fossils at U Dig Fossils
The owners polished the best fossils we found.
A polished fossil
The trilobytes clean up nicely.
Lots of trilobite fossils on a person's hand.
These were our favorite fossil. The ones that we were able to remove from the rocks.

Information about U-Dig Fossils

We had such a great time at U-Dig Fossils. They are offering our readers 20% off tickets all season long Mention the code “ADVENTURE” when you purchase tickets at the quarry. For hours and pricing, visit the U-Dig Fossils website.

Utah's Adventure Family holding their favorite fossils at U-Dig Fossils.
U-Dig fossils is a great family adventure!


U-Dig Fossils is west of Delta. From Delta, take highway 6/50 west for 32 miles. Watch for the U-Dig Fossil sign between mile markers 56-57, and turn north (right). Then travel 20 miles down a well maintained, gravel road to reach the U-Dig trilobite quarry. Follow the U-Dig signs posted along the 20 miles of gravel road to keep you on the correct route. The road is well taken care of and any vehicle can make this trip. If you drive out here, make sure to stop at Hermit’s Cabin, too.

wild horses
Watch for wild horses on your drive.

What to Bring

U-Dig Fossils provides hammers to break rocks and buckets to keep the fossils. You should come prepared with the following items:

  • Gloves: simple gardening gloves will work
  • Hat or Sunscreen: there is no shade, so you will want protection from the sun
  • Sunglasses or Safety Glasses to protect from flying rock pieces
  • Jeans/Long pants: We recommend wearing jeans to protect legs from the rocks.
  • A Bucket or Bag to take your fossils home
  • Water and Food. It’s a long drive and you don’t want to be without water.

Don’t wear your favorite clothes or shoes. The dirt and dust get everywhere.

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