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Evermore Park is closed indefinitely. We will update if this changes.

Utah has an amazingly unique experience that everyone should give a try. Evermore Park is a living, breathing fantasy experience. There is something at Evermore for everyone!

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Evermore Park

We didn’t really know what to expect when we visited Evermore. What we found was an immersive experience with a lot to do. If you’ve ever been to a re-enactment, or a period park like Colonial Williamsburg, or even This is the Place Heritage Park in Salt Lake City, you get a little bit of an idea of what Evermore is. The park is pretty large, and is full of medieval buildings, tents, and other props. The staff portray medieval villagers, and a story unfolds around you.

Medieval building
The buildings are beautiful.

One amazing thing about Evermore is the human interaction. Plan to talk to people, ask questions, smile, and have fun. After strolling around looking at the property and taking in the ambience, we started talking to people. There are many staffers in costume, and they are wearing the Evermore symbol. They stay in character as you chat, and they are more than happy to help you create your own experience.

Evermore actor in Christmas carol walk through
We enjoyed interacting with characters.

Just as intriguing are the visitors in costume. We talked to several people that were fully immersed in the Evermore experience, but they were just diehard visitors. One gentleman told us he was visiting for the 55th time, and then gave us a little information that helped us orient ourselves.


One thing we learned from this gentleman is that we should join, or at least research, a guild. There are six guilds to join including bards, knights, pirates, rangers, hunters, and magic users. Each guild has requirements to join, so you’ll need to talk to a member of the guild to join. We considered two guilds. To join the rangers, we need to shadow a staff member without being spotted, hit a target on the archery range, and locate certain people on the property and get information from them. The bards wanted us to find something that inspired us, write a poem or love song, and get information from a certain staff member. The guilds are great for everyone, but kids especially enjoy these activities.

Tent filled with vendors
There is a tent set up with vendors selling different wares.
Christmas lights and tents at Evermore Park
During the Aurora season, the whole park is full of Christmas lights.

Train Ride

There is also a train ride. This is a great way to see and familiarize yourself with the property. The train goes around the outside edge of Evermore, so you can see things that can’t really be seen from the path. First time visitors should definitely ride the train when they arrive. This is an extra cost to your admission ticket.

Overlook of the park with lights and buildings.
We liked the train ride for a quick overview of the park.


There is plenty of food at Evermore. There is a really nice resort style restaurant that you can visit even if you are not entering Evermore. Inside there are several places to pick up all kinds of unique foods and treats. Plan a little money for something fun to eat just as you would at Disneyland. The beignets are especially good.

Evermore Park sign with Christmas lights
We enjoyed hot chocolate, but there were so many treats and food items to try.

Animal Show

One very pleasant surprise was the animal show at Evermore. We really enjoyed seeing birds, reptiles, and others. The show was small, but the staff was very engaging, and we laughed and learned about the animals they brought out.

Birds in the bird show
Make sure to catch the animal show. It’s very entertaining.

Aurora Season/Christmas Carol

Evermore is organized by season. There are four seasons, and each has a special theme. We visited during Aurora, or Winter, and so the entire park had a sort of Dickensian feel. We also got tickets for a special performance of The Christmas Carol. This is one of our favorite plays, and it was so unique because it was a walking play. We followed Scrooge as he walked to the Cratchit home, past the cemetery, and through the rest of the story. We really enjoyed this experience, and we hope that Evermore Park continues this tradition.

Ghost of Christmas past and Scrooge actors in the play.
The Christmas Carol walk-through was awesome. We followed Scrooge through Evermore and his story.
The ghost of Christmas future
The final spirit in the story.

Evermore Park is only open certain days and times. Make sure to visit their website for current information and for tickets. A signed waiver is required to enter the park.

Christmas lights at Evermore park
Evermore Park is fun for everyone.

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