Cedar City DUP

The Cedar City Daughters of the Utah Pioneer (DUP) Museum is located right in the Cedar City Visitor Center, and is only a short walkthrough. We love visiting the DUPs located throughout Utah to help our children understand the rich pioneer history of Utah.

Our boys have learned to love looking through DUP museums after visiting so many.

We’ve been to a lot of DUP museums, and our boys always enjoy looking at the Pioneer artifacts. The Cedar City DUP is small, just one room, but it is packed with things to see. We enjoyed seeing old furniture and tools. We also liked the old bibles and songbooks. There was even some type of rock formation that was brought back from New Zealand that we were excited to see since we had been in New Zealand just a few days before. We spent about 30-45 minutes wandering through this room looking for interesting pioneer relics.

The Cedar City DUP is located inside the visitor center.
There are lots of different things to see.
We thought the old books, especially that Bible, were interesting.
This DUP is small, only one room, but we enjoyed our visit.

The Cedar City DUP Museum is free, and after you check it out, you can find other activities for your family in the area. The Visitor Center offers great ideas and support for your trip in Cedar City. We also have a list of Things to do Near Cedar City.

There are a few places set up like rooms.

Tips for Families

  • The Cedar City DUP is open Wed-Sat from 10-4.
  • As you walk through the museum, make sure to talk with your kids about what they are seeing.
  • Ask questions of the docents at the museum if you aren’t sure about something. They love to help and answer questions. Once you get them talking, you’ll learn a lot more!

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