Logan Tabernacle

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The Logan Tabernacle is open for visits most of the time during the summer. This beautiful building located right on Main Street in Logan is worth a stop if you’ve got a few minutes to check it out.

The Logan Tabernacle is being renovated, and is currently closed starting in 2022. We will update when it has reopened.

Logan Tabernacle 1
The Logan Tabernacle is a beautiful building.

The building is open and volunteers are available to answer questions. This tabernacle, like the ones in Paris, St. George, and Salt Lake, features a beautiful organ and a balcony. You can walk up to the pulpit and try out any of the seats on the rostrum. The day that we were there, a youth group was having a meeting in the choir seats.

Logan Tabernacle 2
The Church destroyed many of the old tabernacles in the 1950s when they started building stake centers.
Logan Tabernacle 5
There is more seating in a Tabernacle than a regular church building.

The balcony runs all the way around three sides of the main room, and we walked all the way around. We even sat in the top chairs in the very last row.

Logan Tabernacle 4
This reminds us of the Provo Tabernacle before the fire.
Logan Tabernacle 3
The windows are two stories.

Downstairs you’ll find some interesting rooms, too. One has a baptismal font, which we’ve never seen in a tabernacle before. There is also a working Family History Library, so come prepared to spend a few minutes searching your ancestry if you have roots in Cache Valley. The grounds around the Logan Tabernacle are also huge, so you can take a stroll around the outside.

Logan Tabernacle 6
We’d never seen a baptismal font in a tabernacle before.
Logan Tabernacle 7
You can’t miss the Logan Tabernacle because it’s right on Main Street.
Logan Tabernacle 8
This statue depicts the Pioneers.

The Logan Tabernacle also has concerts daily at noon on Monday through Friday throughout the summer. You can find more information here.

We attended one of the summer concerts in the beautiful tabernacle.

A stop at the Logan Tabernacle won’t take long, but it is definitely worth 15-30 minutes it takes to tour the grounds. It is free to visit the Logan Tabernacle. Check out our list of Things to do in Logan if you are looking for other activities in the area.

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