Poison Spider Dinosaur Trackway and Petroglyphs

The Poison Spider dinosaur trackway has some of the best dinosaur tracks we’ve ever seen. As a bonus, there are beautiful, mostly undisturbed petroglyphs along the route there, and beyond the poison spider dinosaur tracks. This trail is a short, steep climb, but it is worth it to see the dinosaur tracks and the petroglyphs.

Petroglpyhs on Potash Road

As you approach Moab from the north, you’ll find a road that goes out to Potash just outside of town (Scenic Byway 279 or Potash Road). This road follows the Colorado River on the opposite side from the Kane Creek petroglyphs. We drove down the road exactly 5 miles to a sign that says Petroglyphs. There are a lot of rock climbers in the area, so the speed limit slows down here, too. Watch for the sign and a wide pullout next to the river. The petroglyphs are on the rocks opposite the pull out.

If you watch along the dark part of the walls, you’ll see petroglyphs all over.

We looked up and saw them immediately about 25 feet up the wall. There are tons of petroglyphs here and the panel extends all the way down around the corner to about 150 feet. This rock art was created between 1 AD and about 1300 AD by the Fremont or Anasazi people who frequented this region. An interpretive sign here says to look for a bear, but we actually found it farther down the road.

We love seeing these ancient drawings.
There are a lot to see!
You have to search for the bear.

Poison Spider Dinosaur Tracks

The dinosaur trackway is a little farther down the road. There is a sign that marks the dirt road up to the parking area. On the right (if you are coming from the petroglyphs) is a steep pullout with restrooms, ample parking, and a map showing you the tracks. I know it seems crazy to think you can see them through binoculars, but you can. A large rock stands up on the canyon rim facing the parking lot. The dinosaur tracks run up it. There are two very clear tracks and many other small tracks. You can clearly see it from the parking area, but we like to take the hike and get closer.

The trail climbs these rocks to the flat rock with tracks.

A steep primitive hike allows you to get up close to the tracks. We had to scramble a bit along rocks and slick rock, but even young kids can make this trek with a little help. The trail leads right below the Poison Spider Dinosaur tracks so you can get a good look. The total distance is about 1/4 mile roundtrip to head up to the tracks, petroglyphs, and back down.

The views of the river are nice along the short trail.
It isn’t too long before you are at the dinosaur tracks.
Here is our oldest 10 years earlier at the tracks.
There is a small sign talking about the tracks.

Poison Spider Petroglpyhs

If you’d like to see some more petroglyphs, then take a trail to the right of the dinosaur tracks and climb up to the wall. You can see a few of the petroglyphs from down below, but when you get up by the wall, you will see that there are a lot. We walked along the wall and admired the petroglyphs.

Walk up behind the dinosaur tracks to this wall.
There are petroglpyhs all along the wall.
We like this two headed goat.
Please remember to leave no trace. These people’s names just ruin the historic area.

And we were surprised to find more dinosaur tracks. When we came to the end of the wall, there was another sign and it showed the dinosaur trackway in the rocks. The tracks were pretty clear and we were excited to find more tracks.

The other poison spider dinosaur trackway.
There are some distinct tracks here, too.

More Info

The last time we did this hike, we continue on and did Longbow Arch. This hike including the dinosaur tracks, petroglyphs, and the arch was 2.5 miles and moderate. You can read more about that hike here.

We visited other dinosaur trackways in Red Fleet State Park and Copper Ridge, all of which were amazing to our dino-loving boys, but the Poison Spider Trackway is the most clear. There are a lot of dinosaur areas in Utah. Check out our full list on this post. And if you want other fun things to do in Moab, visit our Things to do in Moab post.

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