Glen Ray’s Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch

Glen Ray’s Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch is one of our favorite Fall traditions. The farm and ranch have been around for a very long time, and they recently added a fun fall event. The pumpkin patch is named for Grandpa Glen Ray Larsen who lived and supported agriculture his whole life in Utah. He was often seen driving around Spanish Fork in his “Eet Beef” truck, which is now on display at the Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch. His family has created this pumpkin patch in his memory.

Everyone working at the corn maze is family, and you can read bout their family legacy by the old “Eet Beef” truck.

Corn Maze

We had a great time on Glen Ray’s farm. We started by winding our way through the corn maze. As you enter the corn maze, you will see a sign about the “Corn Fairy.” The Corn Fairy idea came from their Grandpa Glen who used to get up at dawn to sneak bags of corn from his farm onto his neighbor’s porches without being caught. He lovingly became known as the Corn Fairy.

Watch for the corn fairy throughout the maze.

There are actually three different mazes. A short one with fun farm animals to find. A medium sized one with the Corn fairies. And a difficult one, which we did not attempt! Our boys are always determined to find them all, and if you do make sure to take a photo with each one and take it to the snack shack for a treat. There is also a Haunted Corn Maze, but it is only open on Fridays and Saturdays.

Make sure to take a photo to prove you found them all.
We walked past the haunted corn maze. It’s only open on the weekends.


The pumpkin patch has some really fun activities for the kids to do as well. There are huge slides, and a huge corn pit. You can climb on the tower of hay bales, or play fun yard games like Connect Four and Nine Square. This year they added a fun jumping pad, and a basketball game. We always spend a ton of time playing at all the games.

Make sure to visit the Kiddie Coral that is set aside for little ones. There are some animals to see, as well as a cute little kiddie coral where they can ride stick horses asround the barrels.

We really enjoyed the slide right into the corn pit! It was super fun!
The slides were speedy fast.
Why do kids of all ages love the corn pit?
This area is a ton of fun for kids.
The jumping pad is a huge hit with the kids.
Our boys loved trying all of the yard games.
There are some fun farm animals like goats, bunnies, ducks, chickens, and a horse.

Watch for all of the fun places to take photos. There are quite a few cute cut outs to pose in, as well as pumpkin displays. Make sure to take a ride on the tractor barrel ride, too. Our boys said it was fun, but super bumpy.

There are a bunch of cut outs for photo opportunities.
The tractor barrel ride is bumpy, but fun.
There is so much to do at Glen Ray’s.

Pumpkin Patch

There is a huge pumpkin patch where you can go out and pick your own pumpkin. This was our boys’ favorite thing, especially when the farmer handed them the cutters to go cut their own pumpkin. We found some beautiful orange pumpkins to take home and carve this year for Halloween. Glen Ray’s grows a huge variety of pumpkins, and everyone enjoyed checking out the unique colors and shapes of the pumpkins.

There were a lot of pumpkin to choose from. And they loved that they could cut their own.
Make sure to grab a wagon to haul the pumpkins to your car.

We really like Glen Ray’s Corn Maaze and Pumpkin Patch. It was nice to have a little smaller crowd when we visited. There was still plenty to do, and we spent a few hours playing and having fun. For current prices, check out Glen Ray’s Corn Maze website.

We recommend Glen Ray’s Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch to everyone. The farm was not busy, and we almost had the whole place to ourselves. We had a ton of fun with all of the different activities. We also love supporting local farmers who are working hard. Definitely add this to your list of pumpkin patches to try. For other Fall activities in Utah, check out our list of favorites.

Tips for Families

  • Location: 1750 W 8000 S in Spanish Fork
  • Check their website for current dates and hours.
  • The property is mostly flat and would be accessible for strollers and wheel chairs, although it might be bumpy.
  • Bring snacks and water because you will be there a while. They have a few fun food options like mini donuts. We like to buy a bucket of donuts to eat while we walk around and play.
  • Wear sunscreen. There is no shade available.
  • Wear tennis shoes. It’s not fun walking around the farm with flip flops.
  • DISCOUNT: Use code “adventure” to save 10% on online tickets (2023).


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