Window Trail in the Badlands

The view from The Window of Badlands National Park is beautiful!

Park literature at the Badlands lists The Window as a hike, but we hardly think it qualifies. This short boardwalk meanders a mere quarter mile out and back to a viewpoint. This hike is doable by any member of your party who can get out of the car.


The hike starts at a large parking lot near the northeast entrance of the park. The Door and The Notch Trail also start at this parking lot. To find the trailhead, go to the far south end of the parking lot. There is a sign for the trailhead.

This sign marks the trail for the Window Trail.

This trail runs parallel to the road for a very short distance and then turns east. We saw a few gray chipmunks running alongside the trail, and this was the only place we saw them in the park, so keep your eyes open. After just a few hundred yards, you come to a viewpoint complete with two benches. It does feel a little like you are looking out over the Badlands from a large picture window at the end.

The boardwalk is a straight shot out to the Window.
Can you see how it looks like a window in the rock formations?
There is a fence to keep everyone away from the edge as you look at the Badlands.
We love the views in the Badlands!

The Window hike is great for everybody. It is a boardwalk which means that it is wheel friendly, too. Make sure to check out our other hikes in the Badlands, and we have more things to do in South Dakota, too!


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