Weber County DUP


Weber County is where many of my relatives settled after they crossed the plains and ended up in the great state of Utah. So I wanted to stop at the Weber DUP museum (Daughters of the Utah Pioneers), and see if there was anything about my family.


While I did find my great-great grandpa’s portrait hanging up in the museum, there wasn’t much else to see from my family, but there was still A LOT to see. This museum is quite large for a DUP (like the one in Nephi) so it is filled with pioneer memorabilia. The first room is very large. There are pianos, guns, and even Brigham Young’s boots and hat. We love to look at all the little things that have been saved from the pioneer times such as saddles, combs, tea sets, and articles of clothing.


The first room is very large and holds tons of artifacts.
This violin made it across the plains!

There is a smaller room a few steps up, and it has kitchen and bedroom articles. There is a cabinet that Brigham Young and his sons built together. There are also Pioneer portraits all through the museum. We saw the sister of one of my great grandmas.

Our three year old loved this museum. He liked this old washing machine.
My great-great grandma Mary Humphries’ sister.
This cabinet was built and used by Brigham Young and his sons.

You can go into the basement and that is where I spotted Amos Maycock (my ancestor). We also found a pioneer vacuum and a harp. There were lots of instruments throughout this museum. I saw a bass fiddle, a violin that came across the plains, organs, pianos, and the harp. There is also another large room in the basement with more to see. You can also spend some time on the two computers that they have which documents all the pictures and histories that they have from Weber County pioneers.

Amos Maycock is my great-great grandpa and we are very proud of his pioneer history.
This is one of the rooms in the basement.
The organ and harp were exciting pieces to see.
We love this old vacuum. Can you imagine using it today? 🙂
This is the 2nd room in the basement. They hold their meetings in here.
This quilt was stitched for
This quilt was hand-stitched for the first LDS primary.

The Weber County DUP also has some fun things to see outside. There is an old horse watering trough, a millstone, and a cabin. The cabin is the oldest non-Native American structure built by a mountain man named Miles Goodyear in 1845, which predates the Mormon Pioneers by 2 years. You’ll have to ask the workers to open it up for you, but it’s amazing to look inside something that has lasted for so long. The museum building itself is a beautiful old Relief Society Hall built in 1902 and has been a DUP museum since 1929.

This is the old trough and the cabin in the background.
This is the old millstone that sits out front.
The building is beautiful, and a great historical landmark.
Here’s a look inside the Miles Goodyear cabin.

We love visiting these FREE museums and taking a step back in time. They are a great way to spend an hour and help your children appreciate what we have today, and all that the Pioneers did to establish Utah.


The Weber County DUP is located at 2104 Lincoln Avenue in Ogden, just around the corner from the LDS Ogden temple.

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