Smith Family Farm and Sacred Grove

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The Smith Family Farm and Sacred Grove are located in Palmyra, New York. The site is one stop that will take at least an hour, plus whatever time you spend in the Sacred Grove. This is an essential stop on your Church History tour.

Smith Family Log Cabin

There is a small Visitor Center near the parking lot. Stop there first and the LDS missionaries will show you around and then take you on a tour of the Smith’s property. The first stop is the Smith Family log cabin where Joseph and Lucy raised their 11 children. The cabin is a reconstruction of the tiny house the Smiths lived in.

It was upstairs in this cabin where Joseph was visited by Moroni three times during the night. Unfortunately we did not get to go upstairs because there were three tour buses arriving when we visited, so they were hustling everyone through. Hopefully you can visit the upstairs room. You can also see the Sacred Grove from the back door.

child standing in front of the smith family farm log cabin
The log cabin is a reconstruction.
inside the Smith family log cabin. table set for dinner and large fireplace
It is fun to imagine the Smith family living here.
looking our the back door of the log cabin to see the sacred grove
This was our favorite view: the Sacred Grove from the back door of the log cabin.

Smith Family Frame Home

A few years later, the Smiths moved into a larger house in the next city and county over. However, when you visit, you may be surprised to find out this move was only about 100 yards across their property. You’ll tour this next frame home, too. Unfortunately, Father and Mother Smith lost this home when they missed the last payment, and they were forced to move back to the farmhouse after only a few years. Of course, they would leave Palmyra not long after.

smith family farm house
This is the larger home the Smiths enjoyed for a few years.
inside the smith family farm house
All of the tours teach about the customs and items from that time period.
brick hearth on a pioneer home fireplace
The gold plates were hidden under these bricks.

After the tour of both houses, the missionaries will show you the Smith property. An orchard, a large barn, and cooper shop are all right there by the house. This portion of the tour doesn’t take very long, but it is interesting to see how the property might have looked in 1830.

Cooper shop
Hyrum and his father were coopers (wheel makers). This was their shop.

Sacred Grove

After hearing of Joseph’s life, you’ll be directed to the Sacred Grove. There are several paths that you can follow as you wind among the trees. There are benches to stop and sit, but you’re asked not to leave the path. Still, on a quiet day, you can find a little solitude somewhere in the Grove.

child standing on dirt path in the sacred grove trees.
The Sacred Grove is green and beautiful.
child walking the paths through the sacred grove
It is a very peaceful place to wander and relax.
Family in the Sacred Grove
There are many paths to follow through the Sacred Grove.

We loved hearing the familiar stories of Joseph Smith at the Smith Family Farm and Sacred Grove. We’ve written about other LDS Church History sites here to help you plan your trip to the east! Make sure to check the Church website for current hours and open dates.

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