Village Kits by Emily: 5 Reasons to Order

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My good friend started a little business a year ago where she created little house kits for your family to decorate. She began with Christmas Gingerbread Houses, but also expanded to add Valentine sugar cookie houses, Leprechaun Traps, and Halloween Haunted Houses. She runs this business out of her home, and she delivers the kits right to your door. And even if she wasn’t my friend, I would order these houses every time. Let me tell you why I love Village Kits by Emily!

We loved the spooky Halloween village we created.

1. All Packaged and Ready to Go

When Emily shows up at your door, everything is packaged in adorable little sacks. They are nicely labeled and inside the bag you will find your pre-assembled house, the candy, frosting, and anything else you need to create your little village. She even sends a plate to build your house one. I love that it’s so easy! All of my boys can create their own house without any help since everything is ready to go.

All the houses were individually packaged!
Each house kit comes with a mini house, a bag of frosting, and a bag of candy.

2. Variety

The houses that she creates aren’t just one standard gingerbread house, but you can select the style of house you want. There are a bunch of different houses each season to choose from. I let my boys hop on and pick their favorite, and then I add all my favorites afterward. Emily also has pictures of how she built the house, but my boys never follow the picture. They build it how they like it, which is how it should work.

The Valentine Cookie Kits were so fun!

3. FREE Delivery

I still can’t believe that she hand delivers her orders. Emily offers 2 or 3 delivery days to choose from, and then she texts you an approximate time of arrival. All you have to do is be there to receive your order, or arrange for someone to be there if you can’t. She is only available to deliver to Utah and Salt Lake counties right now, but she might meet you somewhere in those countries if you want to drive in from up north. New in 2018, if your order is under $25, there is a $5 delivery fee, which we think is still worth it (And you’ll probably order over $25 anyway)!

Emily will bring your kits right to your door!

4. Creative

Emily is one of the most creative people I know. She writes the cutest little poems with each house, and has the skills to create such fun village kits. This Christmas season her houses are centered around the North Pole Village so there is a music store, a waffle house, weather station, music hall, and lots more. And she finds the coolest candy for these house kits, too.

Look how cute the leprechaun houses turned out.

5. Homemade

I love that everything is homemade, but that I didn’t have to put the time into baking all the mini gingerbread houses. She bakes the gingerbread and sugar cookies from scratch so they smell delicious when they arrive. The store bought kits just don’t have that personal, homemade feel. Emily has saved me lots of time, but added lots of fun into our home with her Village Kits.

This is such a great family activity!
We created our own little Ockey Lane. Emily even provided that sign for us!

Village Kits by Emily bakes mini gingerbread houses, or sugar cookie houses, throughout the year. They are $6/house, and she also offers cookie kits as well. They are great for family nights, parties, and even gifts. If you are looking for something to create this holiday season, check out Village Kits by Emily. She has Facebook and Instagram accounts, and here is her order form.

My preschooler made this Valentine house. It turned out adorable.


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  1. Pam Thomas

    How do I order. I live in Orem

    1. Natalie Ockey

      I’m not sure if she is baking yet this year. Follow her on Facebook or Instagram–that’s the best way to see what kits she is planning on.