Veyo Pies

Have you ever heard of Veyo, Utah? After living here my entire life, I hadn’t until just recently. Veyo is a tiny place in Washington County with a population of around 500 people. Yet somehow, it became famous for its pies. If you are in the area, we highly recommend a stop at Veyo Pies.

That’s right, the Veyo Bakery is visited by people from all over the west. These visitors come seeking pies. In fact, we learned about the pies when my sister drove out of her way on a trip from Las Vegas to pick them up. We thought Veyo Pies was totally worth it.

There isn’t much seating, so plan on taking your pies to go.

Veyo is only about 30 minutes north of St. George, so you can easily make a visit on your Spring Break trip. Just drive north on route 18 until you reach town. The Bakery is right on the corner. There is a large sign, so you can’t miss it.

Watch for this sign. It’s right at Veyo’s main intersection!

We tried a lot of flavors of pie. They were so good that we didn’t take enough pictures for this post! Still, you can take our word for it. Veyo pies are pretty great.

The cream pies (coconut and banana) were perfect. The fruit pies (peach, blackberry, and caramel apple) were amazing. Another favorite was the Volcano pie, which was a combination of chocolate and butterscotch. This pie may have been reason enough to make the drive to Veyo! You can buy whole pies or slices of pie. We bought 6 different slices so we could try a whole bunch of flavors.

That is the Volcano pie on the bottom.
We grabbed a few of the last slices.

If you are in the area, make sure to try some Veyo Pies! The address for Veyo Pies is 24 S. Main Street, Veyo, Utah. Make sure to visit their website for hours and the full list of pie varieties. For other great restaurant ideas, check out our Best Restaurants in Every County in Utah post. You might also like our Things to do in St. George post, since there are so many fun things in this area.

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