Utah Capitol Cherry Blossoms

Every Spring, the Cherry Blossoms at the Utah Capitol Building come into full bloom. The entire walk around the capitol is lined with cherry trees, and in early April the blossoms are pink and beautiful. This definitely warrants a visit to the lovely grounds for some great pictures and some outdoor time.

The blossoms are beautiful!

We like to park in the back of the capitol building, but there is also parking on the east side of the grounds in public lots. Then we hop onto the path that goes all the way around the building and walk beneath the cherry blossoms. Make sure to stop at all of the memorials along the way. There are quite a few, and we love talking with our boys about the significance of each one.

These trees line the pathway all around the state capitol.
We love being able to walk right beneath them.
The memorials are amazing, too.

There will probably be a lot of people taking pictures and enjoying the blossoms, but we found that there is plenty of space to spread out and enjoy. The capitol building also has a huge green space, so it’s a great place to bring a picnic. If the building is open, you can go inside and look around, and even take a tour.

Lots of green space for a picnic!

Make sure to mark your calendars for early April and check social media for posts about the Utah Capitol cherry blossoms.

Check the capitol website for more information about parking, tours, hours, and more.

One of our early Spring adventures every year.

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