Tuzigoot National Monument

Tuzigoot National Monument is located in central Arizona. It features a large ruin built by the Sinagua people nearly a thousand years ago. There is a small Visitor Center with a gift shop and an active Junior Ranger program at this site.

Tuzigoot sits up on a hill and there are views across the valley.

We decided to visit Tuzigoot in conjunction with Montezuma Castle, which is a little over half an hour away. Both ruins were built at roughly the same time, as were many others in the area. Tuzigoot is unique because of its size and location. It is perched atop a large knoll in the middle of a fertile valley. The walls are built out of flat rock and may have been up to thirty feet high. Much of the structure is intact, and some of it has been stabilized or rebuilt. A short trail around the monument is paved with a little elevation change as you climb the knoll. This site is accessible to everyone.

The trail is paved the entire way, and Tuzigoot sits on a small hill, but it’s not too steep.
The levels at Tuzigoot make it a unique structure.
There is a spur trail to the very bottom of the ruin, or you can still with the top loop.

There are no other trails in Tuzigoot, nor any other ruins. You can easily spend a half hour in the Visitor Center as they have many displays of pottery and other items that were found in the ruin. The ruin itself takes 30-45 minutes to explore. Don’t plan on spending more than an hour and a half at Tuzigoot National Monument, but it is great when paired with other national monuments in the area.

There were so many pots in the Visitor Center. It was neat to see all the different styles.
The Visitor Center has lots of interesting artifacts.
Make sure to pick up a Junior Ranger booklet inside the Visitor Center.

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