Hubbell Trading Post

Hubbell Trading Post is a National Historic Site located in northeast Arizona. The trading post at this site has been continuously run since John L Hubbell purchased it in 1878. Not much has changed since he ran the post himself.

History of Hubbell Trading Post

JL Hubbell treated the Navajos near his trading post with respect and generosity. This was rare consideration in this area where Kit Carson had driven them from their ancestral homes into a prison camp in New Mexico where they were incarcerated for four years. Hubbell came out to their camps and offered them food as they stayed near his post. This drew many natives back to the area, where he always treated them fairly.

The inside of his house reflected the Navajo style of colors.

Trading Post

The Hubbell Trading Post now has a Visitor Center with a park ranger, but the post itself is still operating, and you can buy many items from Navajo art to food. As you enter the trading post the ancient floor boards creak and crack. The post isn’t very big, and slanted wooden shelves and counters display hundreds of items. It felt like walking into a scene in Little House on the Prairie.

There were so many unique things to check out in the Hubbell Trading Post.

Things to See

In addition, you can walk around the property and see the farm as it was a hundred years ago. There is a barn with farm implements, a blacksmith shop, and a chicken coop. You can even take a tour of the Hubbell home, which is completely furnished and features many portraits of John Hubbell’s Native American friends.

There are lots of things to check out on the grounds.
The walls are still the original adobe made from mud and straw.
This outdoor oven helped bake hundreds of loaves a bread daily when the Hubbell’s ran the trading post.
There is a lot of old farm equipment to check out.
There are a few farm animals including chickens, sheep, and horses.
They offer house “peeks” when the rangers have time to do so, but it’s worth going inside.

Visitor Center

Our boys enjoyed the small Visitor Center, too. They completed the Junior Ranger badge. Then they had fun selling items at the children’s trading post, loading items, counting change from the cash register, and stocking shelves.

The Visitor Center is small, but there is great info and a fun kids section.
Our boys spent a lot of time playing Trading post.
We also worked on the Junior Ranger program. Cowboy hat is not required.

Tips for Families

Hubbell Trading Post turned out to be one of our favorite stops in northern Arizona. If you’re in the area, plan to stop for an hour or two!

  • Hubbell Trading Post is in Arizona, but also follows Daylight Savings Time since it is part of the Navajo Nation. Make sure to double check your times before visiting.
  • You can only see inside the house with a ranger tour, so ask at the Visitor Center when the next tour is. The tours are free.
  • The Trading Post opens an hour before the Visitor Center. We arrive at 8 am and wandered the grounds and explored the shop until the Visitor Center opened. Plan on spending about 2 hours at Hubbell Trading Post.
  • For more information, visit the Hubbell Trading Post website.

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