Sand Sheet Interpretive Trail

There aren’t a lot of hikes in Great Sand Dunes National Park, but we like to try as many family-friendly trails as we can, so we know which ones to recommend. One very short, simple, flat hike can be found right behind the Visitor Center. The Sand Sheet Interpretive Trail is fully exposed to the sun, but it is a good place to walk the littles, and you can see the Great Sand Dunes really well.

This trail is super quick and easy.

The trail starts out to the left of the Visitor Center as you face the door. It leads down a very slight slope south of the building. Interpretive signs give information about the formation of the dunes and the geological history of the area. There are also small signs next to some of the plants explaining how they survive in the Great Sand Dunes.

There are a few signs along the hike.
Watch for the small signs by the plants to learn more about them.
The trail is right behind the Visitor Center.

The Sand Sheet Interpretive trail only runs about a hundred meters to the west. Then it turns back toward the Visitor Center. It is a very small loop, but we found it interesting. Unfortunately, since it leads across the open flat, there is no shade at all, so this walk could be uncomfortable on a really hot day. There are a few benches underneath trees, but we still got plenty hot even on a cooler day. Fortunately, it is short enough that heat shouldn’t be a major problem.

The entire trail is out in the open.
You can see a great overview of the Great Sand Dunes.

The Sand Sheet Interpretive trail is about 0.4 miles roundtrip and is an easy stop if you are looking for things to do. If you are short on time, this is an easy one to skip. For more information about Great Sand Dunes National Park, visit our family guide here.

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