Harmony Borax Works Trail | Death Valley

Harmony Borax Works Trail is a very short trail in Death Valley National Park. The trailhead can be found just north of Furnace Creek. The hike is like a nature walk through history. The trail is not paved, but it is flat and would be appropriate for wheels. The Harmony Borax Works Trail in Death Valley is very family-friendly and only 0.4 mile long.

The views are lovely on this little trail, too.


Long before Death Valley was a national park, it was used for various mining activities. One of the things that was mined in Death Valley was borax. Borax is used in common cleaners and other household items (though it can be toxic!) Some of these mines still have relics that are preserved in the park.

We always enjoy learning about history.

Harmony Borax Works Trail

There aren’t a lot of nature trails in Death Valley, so if you need a short hike, or a wheel-friendly trail, the Harmony Borax Works Trail is perfect. The trail is simple and walks through some historic buildings and mining equipment. There are also interpretive signs talking about the history of mining borax in Death Valley before it was a protected area. The Harmony Borax Works Trail in Death Valley is interesting because of the artifacts on the site. There is a large steam locomotive. You can also view a large smelter.

The trail is wide and flat. Perfect for wheels.
There are a lot of interesting things to see on this trail.
You can see some unique parts of the borax mine.
This shows the other side of the Harmony Borax Works area.

After you return to your car, make sure to head left. There are a few other building sites further along the road. You can stop and look at them from the car, or hop out and view them. We also recommend continuing on the road through Mustard Canyon. The road is passable for cars in good conditions and we enjoyed winding through the yellow rocks back to the main Death Valley road.

One of the building ruins further along the road.
Mustard Canyon is a pretty drive by Harmony Borax.

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