Montville Nature Trail | Great Sand Dunes

Montville Nature Trail is a short hike in Great Sand Dunes National Park. We enjoyed this hike because it was a nice break from the sand dunes, and wove through a rocky, forested area. There was pretty good shade on the short hike, and the views were great. There is even a chance to see wildlife along the trail.

This sign lets you know you are in the right spot.

The nature trail starts at its own trailhead, and because the hike is short and easy at just a half mile round trip, there is usually plenty of parking. In fact, there was even a sliver of shade in the parking lot, and though there were no picnic tables, we picnicked right out of the back of our van in a pleasant position.

You can pick up a nature trail guide at the visitor center, or just looked it up on your phone. At the numbered posts, you can read about the area and learn more about nature.

Make sure to use the trail guide to make this hike interesting.

The Montville Nature trail starts out gently uphill through a tunnel of trees. After a very short way, there is a branch to the left which leads to a bridge, but that is the return trail. Continue to the right where it is well shaded. We saw birds flying in the thick bushes, as well as chipmunks hurrying about their business.

This trail is mostly shaded.
This trail has a little incline, but is short and easy.

Eventually, the trail opens up and turns to the left. There is a signed junction for a longer trail, so make sure you stick to the Montville Nature Trail. It starts to climb back around toward the parking lot, which gives you are really nice view of the Great Sand Dunes. Then the trail drops back to the bridge near the parking lot.

Follow the signs and you won’t get lost. The trail is well marked.
Make sure to stay on the Montville Nature Trail.
We loved exploring nature along the way.
There is a good look at the Great Sand Dunes at the end.
Cross the bridge to get back to the trailhead.h

This trail is a great place to get away from the sand for a few minutes. If you’d like to read more about Great Sand Dunes National Park, use this link.

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