Dino Cliffs Dinosaur Tracks

There is an interesting dinosaur trackway just outside St. George. Finding the Dino Cliffs Dinosaur Tracks requires a short ride over a bumpy, sandy road that is accessible to most vehicles. Then there is a short hike through the red sand. This is a pretty easy excursion, and the tracks make it worthwhile.

A dinosaur trackway is different from a dinosaur track because you can see several footprints, which allows you to determine the direction the dinosaur took, the length of his stride, and in some cases the speed of the dinosaur millions of years ago. We liked this trackway because it was easy to spot multiple footprints. It seems that some of these tracks probably came from multiple dinosaurs.

The instructions to find this site can be a little confusing as there is a lot of development in Washington County and the roads are frequently being changed. We used Google Map and typed in Dino Cliffs Trailhead and it took us right there. To get to the trailhead from the 1-15, take exit 13 (Washington Parkway) and head west off the freeway. Follow Washington Parkway for 1.3 miles and then turn right onto a dirt road. The Dino Cliffs Dinosaur Tracks trailhead starts at the top of the hill. Watch for a small sign that says Dino Cliffs on the right.

We made it up the hill fine in our van, and we think most vehicles would make it, but be careful.
This is the small sign to watch for as you come up the hill.

Once you park the car in the pullout on the left, the dinosaur trackway is easy to find. All you have to do is take the sandy trail downhill to the bottom of the wash. We were told to keep a look out for tortoises and hares in this area, but we weren’t lucky enough to spot either one. As the trail flattens out at the end of a very short hike (maybe just a hundred yards), it seems to split. If you look down at this point, you are likely standing on the trackway.

You have to cross the turtle fence.
Head straight to the bottom of the hill to spot the tracks.

At first, it may hard to pick out the tracks. We were unsure we were in the correct place, but look closely and you’ll see footprints aligned in the rock heading off to the left. They become pretty obvious once you recognize them. We recommend visiting in the morning or evening because midday makes it difficult to see the tracks with the sun overhead. This was our only chance to stop and it happened to be midday! Also, be careful not to touch, disturb, or alter the tracks in any way as they are obviously irreplaceable.

This is a trackway where there are a bunch of tracks in a row.
You can see how large the tracks are next to our 9 year olds feet.
This was the best track that we could see at midday.

There may be more to discover in this area as the trail leads on in several directions, but we enjoyed this short stop for only about 30 minutes. It was worth the time spent to see these cool tracks! If you love dinosaur stops, check out our list of 15 Awesome Dinosaur Destinations in Utah.

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  1. Mo

    these directions were perfect! the tracks are so cool!! 🦖🦕

    1. Natalie Ockey

      So glad that you enjoyed these tracks!!

    2. Mo

      I made it up there in my honda civic. It was a little sketchy but everything is in one piece

  2. Tabby

    Been to St George dozens of times and never heard of this. We’re definitely planning a trip now.

    1. Natalie Ockey

      We hope you have fun and find lots of dino tracks!