Mica View Loop | Saguaro

We hiked Mica View Loop in Saguaro National Park in the early morning and it was beautiful. This trail is thick with saguaros. The trail can be a bit confusing, but there are metal placards at each junction to help you along the way. Add the Mica View Loop to your list, especially if you are looking for a wheel-friendly hike.

The trail starts at several access points, but we parked at the Mica View Picnic Area. The first section of trail is essentially flat as you travel along the well-marked paved trail. This area of the park is busy because many locals use this trail for exercise. You can walk this trail as an out and back trail, but we decided to make it into a loop (2.0 miles roundtrip). If you have a stroller, you will want to stay on the Mica View Loop and head back the way you came.

The Mica View trail begins at the picnic area and heads into saguaros.
The views are beautiful.

At the end of the Mica View Loop you come to the Broadway Trailhead sign with a map. From there, head right onto the Cactus Forest Trail. The trail gets a little tricky in this section. Follow the trail down to the wash. Cross the wash, and then watch for the signs that say Mica View Loop trail and the trail will send you back to the parking area.

This is the sign where you can turn around or take the loop.
Follow the Cactus Fore Trail back toward the Mica Loop Picnic area.
Head into the wash, and then watch for signs on the other side that keep you on the correct trail.
This sign sends you back to the parking area.

The saguaros in this section of Saguaro National Park are very old and well-established. There are many with multiple arms, which means that they are at least 75 years old. Unfortunately, due to grazing many of the younger saguaros have been trampled, so hopefully they will make a comeback. Because a saguaro lives up to 200 years, it takes a really long time to grow a large branching cactus that is so beautiful.

We loved walking through the different cacti.
The Mica View Loop is a lovely morning hike.

We enjoyed the other cactuses along this trail, too. There are barrel cactuses, teddy bear cholla, chain fruit, and a lot of prickly pears. We learned so much about the different varieties of cactuses in the Sonoran Desert. We even spotted a tarantula along this trail.

Watch for creatures along the trail.

We highly recommend the Mica View Loop in Saguaro. It was a beautiful, easy trail through the saguaros. This map might help you stay on the trail. For other easy trails in Saguaro, check out our Kid-Friendly hikes in Saguaro post.

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