Bryce Canyon Kid Hikes

Bryce Canyon has amazing views that can be seen from many roadside pullouts and viewpoints throughout the National Park. But to really experience Bryce Canyon, you need to put on those hiking shoes, and hike down into the hoodoos that Bryce is so well known for. Here are the Bryce Canyon Kid Hikes we found that our kids were able to handle in Bryce Canyon National Park. Click on the links for more details and pictures.

Rim Trail

Rim trail 8

Rim Trail runs along the rim of Bryce Canyon’s amphitheater. A short section between Sunrise Point and Sunset Point is paved, flat, and family friendly. It is 0.5 miles between these two points, so 1.0 mile round trip.

Mossy Cave

Mossy Cave is located just outside the fee area of Bryce Canyon on Scenic Route 12, but is still on National Park land. This hike is simple, easy, and has two amazing rewards: a cave AND a waterfall!

Bristlecone Loop

The Bristlecone Loop trail hikes you through the very old pine trees, but also to some beautiful vistas. This hike is 1.0 mile long and is found at the end of the scenic drive by Rainbow Point.

Queen’s Garden

The rock looks like Queen Victoria right? Just like her!!

The Queen’s Garden trail is the most commonly used trail down into the hoodoos. While it is the least steep option, it is still pretty steep. We wouldn’t recommend this hike for children who aren’t used to hiking or who are very small! But if you are looking for a hike to walk amongst the hoodoos, this is the best option!

Navajo Loop

Navajo Loop is another hike down into the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon with some amazing things to see: a slot canyon, towering pine trees, Thor’s Hammer, and two arches. This hike is 1.3 miles long, but the elevation change is 550 feet with a very steep descent and ascent.

We combined the Queen’s Garden and Navajo Loop trails to make a 3 mile long awesome hike through the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon, but it was definitely a big climb back out. Our boys said this was their favorite hike despite their dragging feet on the way up!

Tower Bridge Hike

We hiked this trail when our kids were a little older, but it became a favorite. You walk right down through the hoodoos, and end at a cool arch that looks like a bridge. The trail is 3.5 miles round-trip, but you drop down into the hoodoos and have to climb out. There are lots of beautiful views along the way, too.

Use these Bryce Canyon Kid Hikes to help you enjoy this amazing national park. For our full family guide, visit our post about Bryce Canyon National Park. And check out our other National Park Kid Hike posts for the Utah National Parks.

Bryce Canyon Kid Hikes

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  1. Mikki Young

    Just got back from Bryce Canyon and hiked mossy cave and Navajo Loop and the Rim after reading your posts. Our kids range from 8 to 3 and we had to help carry the three year old out of Navajo loop, but would do it again! It was sooo cool. Our kids weren’t impressed with Mossy cave but LOVED the waterfall and playing in the river. It’s a little chilly at night now so we didn’t stay long to star gaze. Thanks for your post and hike descriptions, we really enjoyed Bryce Canyon!

  2. Mikki

    Hi Natalie, what recommendations have you got for places to stay or camp near Bryce Canyon with kids ?

    1. Natalie Ockey

      We have never camped at Bryce Canyon, and all of the places we have stayed were outside of the park because we love to visit Escalante the same time as Bryce. Our recommendations would be: Ruby’s Inn at Bryce Canyon, Bryce Canyon Villa Cabins, Escalante Yurts or Escalante Escapes. Some of these spots we have blog posts on.

  3. Rosy Cerda

    I follow you on instagram and you said that ther is a Free National Park Pass for all 4th grades and I have one, I can’t find the link that you said. I am very interested. Thanks for your help.