Lindon City Park

Lindon City Park
Lindon City Park

Lindon City Park is an old city park, but it has recently added a fun new electronic play activity for kids. This park has a traditional playground, but my boys really like the rainbow slide here because it is fast! There are also a few swings for the children to enjoy.


We like this park because it has a huge pavilion, bathrooms, and lots of shade. There are picnic tables throughout the park, as well. We have had many family get-togethers at this park. There are also two baseball fields that are usually vacant during the day. We did a little practice hitting the day we went, and we usually play softball with our family.

The playground is simple, but fun.
The playground is simple, but fun.
There are two baseball fields.

The new part of the park is super fun. It is an electronic game, but it’s also interactive and lots of children can play. Most of the games involve pushing the lit up buttons at the correct time. My boys played here for quite awhile. I also liked that there were pretty specific instructions. I’ve been to other parks with similar toys, but I can never figure out how to work them. We had a great time with this new play structure.

This is the new electronic toy at the park.
All three of my boys, ages 3, 6, & 9, had fun with this interactive play area. We tried all the games lots of times.

If you are looking for a new park to try, Lindon City Park is a good choice. It’s not busy and your children will love having something different to try while playing outside.

There are big shade trees and picnic tables all over the park.
This is a view of the other side of the playground. We love the rainbow slide!

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  1. Kayla

    This playground has been updated with two ziplines, climbing features, and new jungle gym.