Independence Park & Splash Pad | Bluffdale

Independence Park is a fun little park in Bluffdale, and this park also has a splash pad! One reason that we enjoyed this park was that it has three different play areas, so there is something for everyone. It’s almost like Goldilocks and the Three Bears where you can find which playground is just right for your family. Independence Park is a great summer adventure.

Independence Park Bluffdale has big and small playgrounds.


Independence Park has three different playgrounds, and other toys spread throughout the park. The park has a unique playground with a huge slide that is great for older kids. There is a climbing structure up to a covered platform area where kids can slide down the giant slide. My older boys loved this part of the park. There are also some spinning toys to enjoy.

This large play area was a lot of fun for the older boys.
They loved climbing into this
The big slide was also a hit!

Independence Park also has two ziplines for your kids to race on, as well as swings. There are two smaller playgrounds aside from the huge slide area. These play areas are great for younger kids, and one is specially designed for toddlers with a fire truck theme and super small slide. Kids big and small will love playing at this park.

The smaller play area is separated by the Ziplines.
Do your kids love ziplines as much as mine do?
There is an area that is great for toddlers.
Just a few steps and a small slide, but a little tricky rope area.
This is the medium sized playground.

Splash Pad

The splash pad is geared for the younger crowd with sprayers and toys that aren’t too powerful. They also turn off after a few minutes, so you need to push the button to keep them running. There are definitely some unique spraying toys at this splash pad, and we still had a lot of fun getting wet.

This splash pad has a lot of different sprayers.
We liked this unique dumping sprayer.
Plenty of places to get wet!
Independence Splash Pad is fun for young kids.

There is a large park in Bluffdale called Wardle Fields Regional Park if you are looking for a huge splash pad. But it is definitely a big area and harder to keep track of kids. We liked that Independence Park was smaller, but there was still a lot of fun for everyone! Please note that there is very limited shade, so bring your own if you want some! There are a few small pavilions with a table near the splash pad, but other than that it was a hot outing!

Independence Park in Bluffdale is located at 15245 S Noell Nelson Dr, Bluffdale, Utah.

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