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My wife gave me two tickets to Max’s Zipline at Provo Adventures for my birthday. The stipulation was that she didn’t want to go, so I had to find a friend. I think when she saw the pictures and video, though, she wished she would’ve been there. It was a ton of fun, and there were people of all shapes and sizes there. (Actually there is a minimum age requirement of 7 years-old and a weight range of 45-275 lbs.)

My friend and I had so much for on Max Zipline. And the scenery is gorgeous.
My friend and I had so much for on Max Zipline. And the scenery is gorgeous.

The zipline is located up Provo Canyon, and it can be a bit tricky to find. First, you need to find it online, as all trips must be scheduled. When you are all scheduled and have filled out the online waiver, drive up Provo Canyon to around mile marker 15. There is a wide pullout and a sign pointing down a narrow road that says “Zipline.” Down that road about a mile (across a bridge warning you about private property) you’ll find a yurt tucked back in the trees. This is Max’s headquarters. They’ll outfit you with everything you need: gloves, helmet, harness, etc. The only thing to take is your camera or phone.

Here I am getting all outfitted!
Here I am getting all outfitted in the Yurt!

The guides are really nice and friendly (they work for tips ; ) and I felt 100% safe the entire time. After a short ride up to the platform, you are ready for your first zip. This line is 550 feet, and surprisingly low to the ground (it can’t top out at more than 25 feet, and is generally closer to 10). It is sort of the kiddie-run to get you feeling comfortable.

The guides are very helpful and make sure you are safe!
The guides are very helpful and make sure you are safe!

Ziplining with Max is pretty simple, though. The guides hook you all in and show you how to place your left hand to keep you facing forward and your right hand to brake as you come into the platform. That’s really your only job– braking. The braking system is pretty easy, too. You just pull your hand down on a rubber piece of tubing and slow down going into each platform.

Here’s the brake, and all the set up!

Their are 5 total lines to zip through. After the short one, they get a little longer. There are 3 lines that go around 900 feet each. Some are steeper than others, and they all have a bit more height to them than the first line. I believe it was the third line that they say you can hit speeds of 45 mph if you don’t brake. The zipping is really fun, and you do feel as if you’re flying through the area (which, indeed, you are).

It’s beautiful as you zip along!

The last line is the big one. It is nearly 1500 feet long and hits a maximum height of 80 feet. There is really nothing to be scared about, though. By this time, you’ll fully trust the zipline and your equipment. In fact, it seems impossible to me that anything could go wrong. There is double insurance on all the equipment (2 lines, 2 clips to the harness, etc.) They even clip you onto the platform while you wait for other zippers to come in.

They keep you very safe.
They keep you very safe.
Here's another section of the Zipline!
Here’s another section of the Zipline!

We (my friend and I) had a great time zipping Max’s Zipline at Provo Canyon Adventures. Next time, I think we’ll all go! Check out the video below. It’s Good Stuff!

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