Rainbow Bay Aqua Park

Rainbow Bay Aqua Park is that really cool place that you see as you pass Deer Creek Reservoir on your way to, or from, Heber. There is an awesome set of ziplines with a ropes course run by Zipline Utah, and in the same area is a large water toy anchored just offshore. Our boys have wanted to try out this water toy for some time. So we were excited when we had the chance to use the large water toy, called a Wibit. It was an amazing way to spend an afternoon.

Rainbow Bay Aqua Park is a perfect summer activity!

The headquarters for Rainbow Bay Aqua Park is a pavilion located inside the state park. You will need to pay the state park entrance fee in order to play at the water toys. After you enter, turn left down to the pavilion. Approach the table with the life jackets and pay the admission fee. There are different fees for one hour, two hour, and full day passes. As lifejackets are required at the Aquapark, bring one if you have it, but they also provide them for you if you don’t have one.

Everyone wears a life jacket.

In order to access the water toy, you have to get wet! In this case, it’s a significant swim of up to 80 yards if the water is high. If this distance is daunting for you or your little ones, just lay on your back in your life jacket, and gently kick your legs. It may take a few minutes, but you’ll swim your way out to that toy without too much effort.

It is quite a distance out to the water toy, but take your time.

Once you reach the Rainbow Bay Aqua Park, there is a lot to do, but just standing up can be an adventure! It’s a bit slippery, and the Wibit sways with the movement of others. Once you get your sea legs, you can try the trampoline, use a rope swing, or do a variety of climbing activities. Speaking of climbing, make sure to look for the steps that lead up to the Wibit. There are nearly a dozen places to find them, and they help you climb up. It can be difficult to pull yourself out of the water onto the toy, though for most adults, it’s possible. I helped multiple children up onto the toy where there were no steps.

There are a lot of fun things to try on the Wibit.
Our boys were all smiles.
There is a tower to jump off if you make the climb up.
It’s tricky to get up. Definitely use the stairs!
We laughed so much on this adventure!

One of the highlights of the Rainbow Bay Area is a large climbing tower that is separate from the Wibit. This one is more for the teens, as it can be difficult to haul yourself up, and it requires significant arm strength. Luckily, there is a more kid friendly, much smaller tower attached to the toy, which kids can climb, too. We spent most of our time slipping and sliding on the main area.

We felt that an hour or two on the Wibit was more than enough time. As with all swimming activities, it wears you out pretty fast, but the water is really refreshing on a hot day at the reservoir. Make sure to check out lunch at the food truck parked next to the pavilion as well. We worked up quite the appetite and really enjoyed our burgers and fries!

We had a great time!

If you visit the Zipline on the same day, Rainbow Bay Aqua Park will give you 50% off your admission. We did the ropes course and ziplines, and then enjoyed the cold water in the hot afternoon.

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