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Faux Falls is a fun little hike just outside of Moab. The trail runs just over 2.0 miles roundtrip and is slightly uphill from Ken’s Lake to a waterfall that flows early in the year. It is said that this waterfall dries up during the summer, but it was running in the Spring when we visited. It would be easy to tell if the waterfall was active as the trail runs right along the creek below the falls. Obviously, if the creek is dry, then Faux Falls will be dry.

How to get to Faux Falls in Moab

Parking is the biggest problem with Faux Falls. Maps and GPS systems will take you to Ken’s Lake, and that’s the best place to park. Drive east to the restrooms and park right on the south side of the lake. There is a small restroom and a covered table. You will also notice a sign that says “Trail.” From this sign, you have to walk east through the campground.

This takes you along the south side of the lake into the campground. Some folks try to park in there, but we don’t recommend it. Instead, follow the “Trail” signs through the campground until you come to the trailhead board with a map. It is directly across from group campsite B. By this point, you’ll have come nearly a third of a mile. But we think we found a shorter spot to start–check out the picture I took on the trail board.

We parked at the end of Ken’s Lake.
Spent a few minutes throwing some rocks into the lake before the hike.
There is a small trail from the parking area to the hike.
Just follow the trail signs. There are lots of them.
Soon you are walking in the campground.
This is where the trail heads towards Faux Falls. Across from group campsite B.
This was on the trailhead sign. Next time we would try parking in the area circled on the right.

The Hike

Just past the trailhead there is a bridge that crosses the creek. You can take the far side, but we stayed on the near side and used the far side as a return, making this section of the trail a loop.

You can go on either side of the creek to Faux Falls.

The trail begins to climb, sometimes walking right along the 4 wheel drive road. It is really beautiful right along the creek with water chuckling past as it heads to Ken’s Lake. The climb isn’t very steep (only 135 feet elevation gain), and there is some shade along the way. Most of the trail is out in the open, so be careful on hot days. There are also no river crossings required so you can keep your feet dry all the way to the waterfall.

We love that this trail walks along the creek.
Even with all of the twists and turns, the trail is well signed.
Soon you will see Faux Falls. Can you spot it?
We never found Upper Faux Falls (if it means a separate waterfall).

When you arrive at the falls, it is astoundingly tall, reaching about 120 feet. Of course, it is a Faux Falls, which means that it is fake or man-made, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at it. There is a nice place to view the falls, and you can easily cross the stream and walk down the trail on the other side. We climbed to the top, following the sign to “upper falls,” however, we didn’t see much up there. Perhaps if you travel a little further, there is a second waterfall, but we didn’t make it that far.

Faux Falls is a nice waterfall.
The loop trail continues on the other side of the creek.
Dad climbed up to the top.
The other side of the trail also follows the creek most of the way back to the bridge.
There was a rope swing at Ken’s Lake. So we ended our hike with a little swinging.

We loved our hike to Faux Falls in Moab, and recommend it for families. And we added it to our Things to do in Moab list. It also is on our list of Easy Waterfall Hikes.

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