Dry Creek Trail Park and Frisbee Golf Course


We went to a new park in Lehi today, and our boys loved it. This park, called Dry Creek Trail Park, is tucked along a small creek and stretches for nearly half a mile. The park has some really cool features.


The first thing this park has is a Frisbee golf course. There are 12 holes, and the course is beautifully laid out. There are a lot of trees (I think I hit all of them with my Frisbee), which makes it somewhat difficult, but the holes and tee boxes are well-maintained. Our boys loved following the course, and even though they golfed about 40 over par, they had a great time. Even our three year-old had fun throwing his Frisbee–he had the smoothest throw, but no distance!

This sign gives you a map of the course and some basic Disc Golf rules.
Our boys have never played, but they had so much fun!
Yes, that is the 1-15 in the background. This park is right next to the highway.
These signs mark the beginning of each hole.
They made sure that mom played too!
They made sure that mom played too!

There is also a really cute fairy house at the park. The house has several different sections and is built into an ancient tree. We’re not sure who created the house, but it is beautifully furnished if you open the doors and look inside, and either it’s new, or people have kindly left it in very nice condition. To find the tree house, head north along the trail from the playground for about 50 yards. You’ll see the house in a tree over by the river on the right-hand side of the trail. Please leave the fairy house nicer than you found it.

These houses are amazing!
We loved looking at all the furniture and detail inside.

Third, there is a nicely maintained playground at this park. The swings and climbing toy are not large, but there is a really steep slide and a fun “zipline” that our boys think is pretty awesome.

This park is actually a ton of fun!
There are lots of different parts to the playground…and some for the big kids!
Our boys love walking on these moving stepping stones.
Even Dad loves the zipline on this playground.

Some other neat features are a nice pavilion for picnics and the stream that runs through this park is pretty shallow. We visited in the summer last year and some kids were wading in it, but it was a little cold when we went in March. Make sure to keep an eye on your kids by the water. Our boys love throwing rocks and sticks into the stream and crossing the two bridges that go over the water.

The pavilion is shaded and has tons of picnic tables.
The stream was full in early spring, but even full isn’t very deep. It is much shallower in summer. This park is beautiful!

There is also a paved trail that walks along the Frisbee golf course. It is a pretty area and would be a great place to take your stroller for a short hike or walk. There are also bathrooms which makes any park a pleasant place for young families.

The paved trail runs from end to end of this park.
The paved trail runs from end to end of this park.

Dry Creek Trail Park is located at 100 W 1580 N. To find this park, take 300 W in Lehi north and cross State Street and go under the freeway. At the stop sign, turn right onto Frontage Road (600 W). You will driving parallel with the 1-15. Turn left onto Cedar Hollow Road (1450 N), and then left onto Nuttall Drive. The park will be on your right.

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  1. Kim

    The fairy houses aren’t there anymore ;(

    1. Natalie Ockey

      You’re right. Thanks for the reminder to update our post.