Dirt In My Shoes Review: National Park Itineraries

We love traveling to the National Parks, and our big goal is to visit all of the parks at least once in our lives. In order to make the most of our National Park trips, we do a lot of research. We spend hours reading about hikes, looking at maps, and planning the best places to go in each park. It is definitely worth it when we can squeeze in everything that we want to see. Luckily, we recently used a Dirt In My Shoes Itinerary and it saved us a lot of time and work. We were very impressed with all of the helpful information in the itineraries, and can’t wait to share our full Dirt In My Shoes Review, and why you should use a Dirt In My Shoes Itinerary for your next National Park trip (and there is a discount code below, too).

We love the recommendations and tips in Dirt In My Shoes Itineraries.

1. All the Research is Done For You

Ash, the owner of Dirt In My Shoes, is a former National Park Ranger, so she knows how the National Parks works. She has visited and researched all of the parks that she has written itineraries for, and she is quite the expert! Each itinerary she creates has day by day, hour by hour instructions. I especially love that she gives an overview of the day, but then there is also a very detailed section that follows with directions on where to go, park, and hike. I am always confident when we use an itinerary from Dirt in My Shoes.

These itineraries are especially helpful for your first visit to a National Park because it can feel overwhelming if you have never visited. I love that Ash has visited all of the parks many times, so she knows the best things to to see, how to avoid crowds, and she even groups activities by area. You can download them to your phone for easy access, or print out the pages.

The itineraries have step by step directions on where to park and hike and go.

2. Video Instructions

When you purchase a Dirt In My Shoes itinerary, you are getting much more than a few pages with a list of things to do. You are basically getting a course about that national park. Ash provides video step-by-step instructions to help you plan your trip. Her videos talk about each section of the itinerary, as well as key points to note as you plan your trip. You can just print out the itineraries, but I also recommend watching the videos for even more helpful information. She gives extra details and explanation on how she plans her itineraries. The videos also show to make adjustments based on where you are staying. These instructions are so helpful!

There is so much information with each itinerary!!!

3. Updates

One of the huge benefits of purchasing a Dirt In My Shoes Itinerary is that you have lifetime access to the information. AND Ash provides updates every year. She lets you know about road closures, reservations, and other changes to the national park that might affect your itinerary. I am always so grateful that I can check really quickly what info I need to know for that season.

We are grateful for current information on the parks before we visit in these itineraries.

4. Secret Hike

I love the secret hike that is included in most (but not all) Dirt In My Shoes Itineraries. As a park ranger, Ash has explored some places that aren’t always one everyone’s radar. All of the secret hikes that have been recommended by Ash have become favorites, and we rarely see anyone else on these trails. It is always nice to know that we can find a little peace and quiet on the secret hike!

This is the secret hike in Grand Teton and it was a quick favorite! Even in the rain.

5. Avoid Crowds

One of the key things that Ash at Dirt In My Shoes wants to provide for you is avoiding sitting in traffic. She plans her itineraries to help you get to the busy areas of the park before the crowds. This is so helpful because arriving at a hike and finding a completely full parking lot can be super discouraging and throw off the rest of your day. So I am always grateful for the guidance of the itinerary to help me know where to go hour by hour.

You can download the itineraries to your phone or print them out.

6. Lodging, Dining, and More

Included in your itinerary are dining guides, lodging guides, and other ideas in the area. I was blown away with how much information is included in the itinerary bundle. There are often itineraries for 1, 2, 3, and sometimes 4 days depending on which park you visit, and you receive all options when you purchase the bundle. There are also guides to help you choose a great restaurant or places to stay. We took Dirt In My Shoes recommendation when visiting Grand Canyon and stayed on the rim at the Kachina Lodge. It was amazing! Our room even became a highlight of our trip.

This was the view from our room. We could walk about 15 steps outside and stand at the edge of the Grand Canyon.

Discount Code

We are so excited to share our Dirt In My Shoes Review about Ash’s itineraries because we know they will help with your national park trip planning. And Ash has graciously offered a discount code that will be good until July 25, 2023. You can save 10% on all the itineraries you purchase from now until July 25. Use code “utahsadventurefamily” on the Dirt In My Shoes website.

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  1. jennifer fons

    We used dirt in my shoes 4 day itinerary for Yosemite NP in 2023. I recommend purchasing to help you plan and organize your trip. It was very helpful and worth the money.

    1. Natalie Ockey

      We are so glad that you enjoyed their itineraries! We love using them, too!