Desert Discovery Nature Trail

The Desert Discovery Nature Trail is a 0.4 mile paved loop on the west side of Saguaro National Park. This is the perfect toddler-friendly, wheel-friendly trail to get your first taste of the mighty saguaro cactus. We enjoyed taking the few minutes to walk the loop, and learn about the area.

The Desert Discovery Trail is great for anyone.

This trail has information signs as you walk along that teach you about the plants, animals, and a little history of Saguaro National Park. We always enjoy learning when we hike. This hike is so simple because it is paved and flat.

There are signs all along the trail.
We love to learn about the area by reading the signs.

The Desert Discovery Nature Trail walks right through many different types of cacti. We were impressed as we stood below the giant Saguaro cactus and saw how small we are in comparison. There were many other types of plants to learn about, too. We didn’t see much wildlife, but we did spot a tarantula in the middle of the road just passed this trail, so maybe you can spot one, too.

You will walk through lots of different plant species.
The Saguaros are impressive to walk right next to on the trail.
Watch out for tarantulas.

Desert Discovery Nature Trail is located near the Red Hills Visitor Center along Kinney Rd. There are just a few parking spaces, but no one else was on the trail when we were there in October. For other easy hike ideas in Saguaro National Park, check out our Saguaro Kid Hikes post.

Desert Discovery Nature Trail is a great addition to your itinerary.

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