C & S Family Farms Cedar Hills

We love and support local farms, and we came across a really fun farm that has a variety of animals. C & S Family Farms focuses on the well-being of animal and people. A visit to this farm is not only fun and educational, but it is good for your soul.

We visited C & S Family Farms and met Sarah, who runs the farm. She focuses on the connection between animals and people, and how both thrive together. It was a really amazing experience.

C & S farm is just part of their home and yard.


Our boys loved seeing the animals on the farm. C & S Family Farms has a lot of them. We petted the rabbits and held the guinea pigs. The baby pigs squealed the whole time we were around them. We fed the goats and sheep. We even got to ride the horses. Each time, our host helped us understand a little bit about the animals and our connection to them.

The guinea pigs were adorable.
The baby pigs were only one week old and so cute.
We got to brush the pony.
This bunny is HUGE!!
Feeding the animals is always Mom’s favorite thing to do!

C & S Farm is extremely safe. The animals were very gentle with us. We have a child who is a bit reluctant around animals, but he never felt scared, even when the goats and sheep crowded around us to be hand-fed. Sarah helped us put on helmets and provided a staircase to help us onto the horses. Then she led each horse in a walk, and later, in a trot. We felt like we were in good hands the entire time we were on the farm.

The goats love visitors.
Our kids had never ridden a horse other than pony rides before.
Sarah was amazing. She ran with the horses!

One of the most interesting things that we did on the farm was check the incubating eggs. This meant each of us taking an egg from the incubator, placing it over a flashlight, and observing the chick inside. We learned how to tell how close an egg is to hatching by looking inside. This was fascinating to us!

This egg is almost ready to hatch!

What to do at the Farm

Our boys really enjoyed our time at C & S Family Farm. It was an amazing experience that helped us to think about our connection to animals in a new, healing way.

We had an amazing time at the farm!

C&S Family Farm has lots of different options for visiting. Visit their website for all of the information. They have family nights once a month, baby animal days in the Spring, and one-on-one experiences, which is what we did. You can also take horse-riding lessons, and they have summer camps. If you have an animal lover in your family, they will love a personalized visit to the farm.

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