Corona Arch (and Bowtie Arch) Moab

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Corona Arch is a massive stone arch near Moab, Utah. This popular arch requires a 2.3 mile hike with short steep climbs including a ladder and a chain. However, these obstacles are more fun than treacherous, and this hike is definitely worth it, especially because there are two arches on this trail.

There are two arches: Corona Arch & Bowtie Arch on this trail

The Corona Arch hike in Moab starts on Potash Road. There is a large parking area, but due to the popularity of this hike, the parking lot does fill up fast. Make sure that you take water, sunscreen, and a hat as the sun can be punishing on a hot summer day. The hike isn’t too strenuous, but there is no shade as you climb to the arch.

The trail starts out climbing quickly. You’ll need to ascend the mesa in front of you, and that elevation gain over the first quarter mile is the most difficult part. When you reach the summit, it does level out a bit, and the hiking becomes easier. After that initial climb, you will come to some railroad tracks. Make sure to listen for trains before walking across. Also, watch for the green marks on the rocks. They guide the way so you don’t get lost on the slick rock.

The trail begins with a climb.
The first part of the hike is the steepest part.
You will cross the train tracks, so be careful

About a third of a mile into the hike, look up into the rock wall in front of you. Pinto Arch can be seen in the distance. There is a junction ahead, and the trail turns and goes to Pinto Arch, but as you get closer from this point, the arch becomes more difficult to see and photograph. We did not take the side trail over to Pinto Arch, but if you have time for a longer walk, make sure to walk closer. It will add an extra 1.2 miles to your hiking distance.

The trail has green marks to help you stay on the right path.
Pinto Arch is on the left!
This map shows how the trail works.

The Corona Arch trail leads to the right away from Pinto Arch. Soon, the sandy, bushy terrain turns to slick rock. Then Corona Arch comes into view when you are still a half mile away. It is huge and busy and reminded us very much of Rainbow Bridge at Lake Powell. A little further along the trail (even though it is closer), and Bowtie Arch comes into view, which is like a skylight in the rock wall. We wondered why it was called Bowtie when Skylight would have been a much better name.

The trail walks through sand and slick rock.
There are lots of great views and rock formations along the trail.
You come around the bend and see Corona Arch!
Continue around the bend and then you can see both arches.

In order to get closer to Corona Arch, there is a short climb up the slick rock. First, you’ll find a chain that assists you up some narrow steps that have been carved into the rock. Then there is a ladder with about 6 rungs. Both are easy, and we could have made the hike without the assistance of either, but they do make you feel a bit safer. And it makes the hike extra adventurous!

This is the chain section as you continue hiking.
You can see what it looks like from the bottom. The feet holds are great.
There is also a little ladder.
You can get right up under both of the arches.

The main problem with Corona Arch is getting a picture that does it justice. You have to stand really far back to get a good photo. No matter what, you’ll have people in that photo, because the arch is always busy. Still, the size of the arch is really impressive. It stands 105 feet high and has an overall span of 140 feet.

Corona Arch is tall and beautiful.
This is from the other side. You can walk all the way through Corona Arch.
We asked someone to take our family picture. It was so nice, but I wish the whole arch were in the pic. 😂

We loved this hike and will definitely do it again! Add Corona Arch in Moab to your must-do list. It is worth it! For all of our ideas in this area, check out our Things to do in Moab post.

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