City of Paris Historical Museum


There is a tiny museum located in downtown Paris, Idaho just across the street from the Paris Tabernacle. The museum is free, and will only take a few minutes to walk through, but our kids enjoyed it.


The City of Paris Historical Museum is just 1 small room and 1 large room and features Charles C. Rich, the early Mormon Apostle prominently as he is was an early settler of this area.

This is the smaller room in the back with farm equipment and other relics.
This is the larger room in the front filled with antiques and pioneer artifacts.

Featured in this museum are old pioneer artifacts and farm equipment. There is a large section that honors people who served in the military. Our boys especially loved the old typewriters and cash registers, even though they called them old computers. Ha ha!

We liked this old chess set, and my mom has a sewing machine like this at her house so my boys were excited to see another one.
An “old computer”… we thought it was pretty hilarious.
I definitely couldn’t wear this hat made from the skin and feathers of a pheasant. But I’m sure someone thought it was beautiful.

We only spent about 20 minutes in this museum, but we always enjoy these small hometown nuggets. Everyone is very nice and it’s fun to look back at the historical items, too. The Paris Historical Museum is located at 34 S. Main Street in Paris, ID, and is open M-F from 10-4.

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  1. grant

    I remember visiting this place when I was as young as your boy in the picture. My dad loves museums. Just as long as there aren’t too many museum trips in one vacation.

    1. grant

      My favorite thing was trying to crack the safe.