Duck Creek Ice Cave

Duck Creek Ice Cave is a small cavern that maintains a cool temperature all year round. Though there was no ice when we arrived in early August, the temperature in the cave was around 40 degrees. A sign states that Pioneers used caves like this one to keep their food cold so it would last longer.

There is one small informational sign by the cave.

The Duck Creek Ice Cave is located in Kane County about 30 miles east of Cedar City. It can be accessed by taking Highway 14 east from Cedar City Main Street. There is a small Visitor Center at Duck Creek with more information. When you reach the Visitor Center, just continue down the road a short distance to the turnoff, which is signed. From there, it is one mile of rough road to the parking area. (It won’t be easy in a car, but if you have some experience with driving these roads, it is probably doable.)

This is a small part of the rough road.

The cave lies about 50 yards from the parking area, and it is impossible to miss it. The entrance may give you pause, as it is a steep climb down over some nasty rocks. Someone has helpfully tied a rope to cling to, but small children will need a lot of assistance. We had Dad climb halfway down and then help the kids along.

There is a small walk over to the cave from the parking area.
There is a rope to help you go down, but kids will definitely need help going down. Going up was much easier.
Even Mom was glad Dad was there to help her down into the cave.

Once inside the cave is fairly dark. There isn’t complete blackness because it is one big cavern, and you can always see the entrance. The floor and corners are pretty dark, though, so bring a flashlight or you’ll be stumbling around in the dark.

The cave isn’t very large, but it’s nice and cool.
We didn’t really need our flashlights when we were there in the middle of the day.
You can see the opening the entire time.

Duck Creek Ice Cave is a small cave and is easily explored in a few minutes. We can’t wait to go back earlier in the year and hopefully see some ice. This is a short stop in the Duck Creek area, but it is worth it if you are going to Cascade Falls or any of the lakes in the area.


While on Highway 14, turn south at the sign that says Duck Creek Visitor Center. Drive about 0.5 mile from the Visitor Center and turn left at the sign for Duck Creek Ice Cave. The road from here is a little rough, and we made it in our mini van, but be careful. The road ends in a small parking area. The short walk to the Duck Creek Ice Cave starts from the parking lot.

The Duck Creek Visitor Center is very informative, and we recommend a stop if it’s open.

Tips for Families

  • Bring a few flashlights.

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