Cedar Point Nature Trail

Calling the Cedar Point Nature Trail a hike is a bit of a stretch. It’s a third of a mile walk to the one of the many overlooks along the south rim of Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. It is flat and easy, and most people make the walk because they are checking out the overlooks anyway. But if you are tempted to skip some of the overlooks, don’t skip this one, because Cedar Point Nature Trail has a few extra features.

This trail qualifies as a nature trail because it has interpretive signs explaining the flora in this area. We stopped and read each of the dozen or so signs, which included information about junipers, oaks, yucca, and a bunch of other plants. It didn’t take to long to read each sign, and it provided a little variety from the other overlooks. Honestly, with the number of overlooks along this rim, most people will start skipping them. There is a bit of a feeling of repetition after you’ve done a bunch of them.

The signs along the trail talk about the different plants you can see.
We always enjoy learning new things when we adventure.

The Cedar Point Nature Trail does end at two very beautiful overlooks. You’ll stand behind the short fence and look down river. You can easily see the dark green river hustling along beneath the massive canyon walls. There is an array of beautiful colors and patterns along the canyon walls, and we were quite sure we saw Abraham Lincoln’s face as we looked out over the canyon.

There is a fence to keep you back from the edge.
This overlook looks right down at the Gunnison River.
You also get a look at the Painted Wall.

As you do the overlooks for the south rim, don’t skip Cedar Point Nature Trail. Instead, think of it as a hike with a destination. Go slowly and read each sign, looking for the plants described. It makes for a very nice walk. The total distance is 2/3 of a mile.

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