Capitol Reef Kid Hikes

Recently we visited Capitol Reef National Park and did all the hikes for you! We provide as many details as we can, so you can divide which hikes are right for your family. If you want some ideas on what to do in Capitol Reef other than hiking, check out our Capitol Reef National Park post.

Hickman Bridge

This is the most popular hike in the park. It is a little more on the moderate side as it has a pretty good climb, but most families could make this hike. The trail leads to a natural bridge that spans 113 feet and you can walk right underneath. It is definitely worth the hike.

Cassidy Arch

The arch is absolutely beautiful, but the hike is the toughest one we did in Capitol Reef. It also has some steep drop-offs that would be scary with young children. But you can walk right onto of Cassidy Arch, which is a special opportunity. Click the link for pictures and to see if it is right for you.

Pioneer Register

Flat, easy, and short are the best words to describe this hike. No matter your skill level you should be able to make this hike to see petroglyphs and pioneer names scratched into the canyon walls.

Grand Wash

The Grand Wash trail is flat and easy, but it is a little longer. At 2.2 miles each way, we like this hike because you can go as far as you like and turn around. There are two trailheads, one by Cassidy Arch and one off Highway 24. he Grand Wash trail can be done as a shuttle if you have two cars. This trail leads through some nice narrow canyons and is the shadiest hike in the park.

Sunset Point

The redrocks seem to glow around sunset (or late afternoon) on this hike. The Sunset Trail is relatively flat and runs only about three-quarters of a mile roundtrip.


If you hike the Sunset Trail, make sure to walk the Goosenecks overlook, too. It’s only a few hundred yards, but you can look down on the Sulphur Creek that winds below.


We love hiking in the National Parks. Just search any National Park on our search bar and if we’ve been there, you’ll find our hike roundup of hikes just right for your kids.






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