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We found ourselves in Weber County today, and we are always looking for good old-fashioned burgers, shakes, and fries. What better place to find them than the Burger Bar! According to the sign, Burger Bar has been in business since the 1956, and it was easy to see why it has lasted so long. While we were there on a Saturday afternoon there was a constant flow of customers.


There are no tables or eating inside at the Burger Bar, just some cement benches, but people didn’t seem to mind, and our boys were certainly okay with the novelty of eating outside. It might be trouble if it were overcast or windy, though. At any rate, you could get the food to go and take it to a park or eat in the car.

Our boys thought it was fun to eat outside, but it was a little challenging too. Bring wipes!!

We ordered burgers and fries, and then went back for ice cream. Dad had the Big Ben Burger, which is the house specialty. Mom had a BLT, and we all had a lot of fries. The food was really good. The buns were soft and tasty, the fries were fresh cooked, and the burger had a nice sauce on it. This is one of those burger heaven places. Best of all, all five us ate for around $20 (2 adult and 3 kids).

Neither the burger nor I are very photogenic, but we’re both pretty great!

Burger Bar Menu
After that we went back and spent another $10 on shakes and ice cream. The shakes were basic ice-cream shakes, and there were tons of flavors. We tried Heath Bar, Brownie, and Rootbeer.

Our shakes were delicious!

One interesting thing on the menu at the Burger Bar that we didn’t try was their exotic meat section. They serve buffalo and elk daily, and then they have an exotic meat of the month. This month (March 2016) was quail. We wondered what other kinds of things they serve.


We really enjoyed the Burger Bar and will gladly go back.

There were lots of people the entire time we were there. It’s quite the hot spot in Roy!

(*This is an unsolicited blog post featuring our opinions with the sole purpose of giving our readers an idea for good food. We received no compensation for our opinion in either food or cash.)

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  1. Staci

    Often they have wild boar or ostrich meat. You missed out on that this trip. You failed to mention they were featured on TV. Here’s all the details. http://burgerbarutah.com/

    1. Natalie

      Thanks for the link. We will have to check back often to see what exotic thing they feature next!