Boicourt Trail | Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Boicourt Trail is a short hike in the south section of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. We liked this hike because it was flat, easy, and led to a really nice viewpoint of the park. However, there were a few steep drops, though none of them were so close to the trail as to be scary dangerous. Still, keep your little ones back from the edge if you are attempting to make it the half mile to the point (roundtrip). 

The panoramic view of Boicourt Trail in Theodore Roosevelt National Park

There is a large parking lot at the Boicourt Trailhead, and the first one hundred yards are paved. It ends at a bench looking out across the valley. There are beautifully colored layers below as you gaze down from the bench on the top of the butte. This is a great trail for those who have wheels, but want to enjoy the views. You will have beautiful views from the bench.

Boicourt Trail sign in theodore roosevelt national park with green grass in background
This sign marks the spot where the trail begins.
paved Boicourt trail through green grass with big white clouds
The trail is paved for the first .15 miles, and is flat and easy.
Hikers walking on paved trail with scenic view
Both sides of the trail offer lovely views of the national park.

A foot trail continues on from the bench along the Boicourt Trail. It is narrow, but not particularly close to the edge. It follows along the rim of the butte, and there are some great places to take pictures. Eventually, you come to a point that is the final destination. A ghost trail leads down a little further, but there is no need to continue. 

narrow foot trail along Boicourt Trail through grass in theodore roosevelt national park
This narrow trail takes you out to that point in the distance.
child hiking on boicourt trail out toward a point in theodore roosevelt national park
You can see the drop offs, so keep young kids close by.

From the point you get about a 345 degree view of the valley below the butte. It is like standing on the tip of the last piece of pie in a giant pie pan and looking all around you. It is not as dangerous as it sounds. The butte is not that steep in most places, but it is a really unique way to look out over Theodore Roosevelt National Park. From that point we could see both feral horses and the bison that make the park famous. 

hikers standing on point at end of trail looking at views
The trail ends at this point that sticks out into the prairie.
There are views of the badlands on one side.
large grassy prairie with blue sky and white clouds
And views of the grassy prairie, too.
wild horses in theodore roosevelt national park
We saw the wild horses near the trailhead.

This hike will only take about 30 minutes roundtrip, including time to catch your breath at the end. The total distance is 0.8 miles roundtrip. The Boicourt Trail in Theodore Roosevelt National Park is easy and very enjoyable for families. For other hikes in this national park, check out our Theodore Roosevelt National Park Kid Hikes.

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