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There are so many great, short hikes in Arches National Park. For our full list, go to Arches Kid Hikes. There is a great hike to introduce you to the park as you come in. Just past the Visitor Center, there is a parking area on the left side of the road for Park Avenue. You can see much of the area from a viewpoint, but we recommend taking the Park Avenue Trail through the towering red rocks past some fabulous rock formations. This hike is best done as a shuttle, if you can make that work, but it can also be done as an out-and-back.

Park Avenue is beautiful!

Hiking from Park Avenue Viewpoint

The Park Avenue Trail in Arches starts at the parking lot described above and heads downhill for about 1 mile. This hike begins with a bunch of stairs as you head down from the viewpoint to the trail. The trail is fairly rocky, and though there is nothing difficult, there are places where footing is a bit unsure. In some spots you have to step down off small rills in the rock. Luckily, everything is consistently downhill.

There are quite a few stairs down to the trail.
The ground is uneven.
There are areas where you walk across the slick rock.
We love the high red walls!

The trail takes you through a narrow valley that parallels the road, with the road on the other side of a large mountain of Utah red rock. We enjoy walking beneath the towering walls and enjoying the scenery of Arches National Park. The best feature along the Park Avenue trail is right at the north end (as you hike south to north). This feature looks like 3 Kings (or wisemen) mentioned in the Bible. You can easily see them carrying their gifts as they travel along.

The Three Kings
The trail ends/begins at those large rocks across the road. There is a parking lot there.

Beginning at Courthouse Towers

At the bottom, the Park Avenue trail enters a shallow basin. If you have to go back for the car, this is a great place to turn around, as there isn’t much left to see. If you are lucky enough to have someone drive the car down the road, you’ll come to the north end parking lot near Courthouse Towers. This is the pickup point and the one-way distance is 1.0 mile.

There are a lot of great rock formations.

If you plan to walk this trail as a roundtrip hike, we recommend beginning at Courthouse Towers. Then you can walk a slow uphill climb at the beginning, and skip the stairs down from the viewpoint. One you get to the stairs, turn around and walk downhill back to your car. This makes the Park Avenue Trail in Arches 2.0 miles roundtrip.

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