Barbie Land: Barbie Houses in Utah

After the Barbie movie opened the summer of 2023, Barbie themed everything has been taking over. One street in Daybreak (South Jordan) has even caught this spirit. There are about 20 houses decorated in the Barbie theme. They have named their street Barbie Land. Here is everything you need to know about seeing the Barbie houses in Utah.

UPDATE: You can no longer drive onto the Island in Daybreak. The roads are restricted to residents only. So you will need to park your car and walk across to see Barbie Land. More details below on where we recommend parking.

Each home in Barbie Land has a different Barbie theme. We enjoyed seeing the different ways that the homeowners have decorated their houses, but they are all VERY PINK. There was a beach Barbie home, Barbie dream house, and much more.

Barbie Land is a whole street of Barbie Houses.
Here is Barbie’s Dream House.
Disco Barbie lives here!
There is even a Halloween Barbie house.
Some of the displays are smaller, but still fun.

You can visit the Barbie Houses in Utah during the day or at night. We walked through during the day and there wasn’t one other person there. I have heard that it gets quite busy at night. But there are also lights and music to add to the atmosphere at night.

We love the Beach Barbie home.
There are even some Ken homes on this street, too.

To see the Barbie Houses in Utah, you will need to park somewhere on The Island in Daybreak. We parked at 10893 Lake Island Drive, South Jordan, and walked through the street. Make sure to walk around and visit the Hogwarts on the Island house, and the Encanto House, too. More information on these homes on our South Jordan Halloween Houses post.

If you need to park off the island, we recommend parking near Eastlake Park (10856 Oquirrh Lake Rd, South Jordan). Then you will need to walk across the bridge to the island. It is about an 8 minute walk to Barbie Land depending on how close you can park.

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