South Jordan Halloween Displays

The Daybreak area is full of amazing Halloween displays. We spent a few hours driving around South Jordan enjoying all of the fun Halloween houses. It is so neat that most of these houses are based on Halloween movies. It makes them so familiar for families. One of the things that we love about these displays is you can visit them day or night. The nighttime usually has music and lights, but the daytime is a lot less busy.

This list has 10 houses that we visited on our South Jordan Halloween display drive. And this is the order that we went in. If you want to cut the list down, we recommend the starred houses as the best ones. All addresses are in South Jordan.

Cold Canyon Manor

4632 Cold Canyon Lane

This yard is full of Halloween decorations. There is a ton to see. It’s a great drive by and even better to walk closer and look.

Halloween House

4552 Kestrel Ridge

We drive passed this house on the way to the first one, so you can stop in either direction. The best part of this house is that it extends down the driveway. So make to look around the corner, too.

* Stranger Things house *

5087 W Lake Terrace Drive

This is a definite must stop along the drive. The Stranger Things house is a fun stop for those who are fans of the show. Make sure to park along this street and walk along to look at all the homes on this road. Many of them are decorated and are also fun to see. We really like the Nightmare Before Christmas home a few doors down.

Island Houses

UPDATE (10.20.2023): You can no longer drive onto the Island in Daybreak. Residents only. So you will need to park and walk across the island. We recommend parking at Eastlake Park (10856 Oquirrh Lake Rd, South Jordan) and then walking over to these houses. ***

These houses are on the island in the middle of Daybreak. We recommend finding a spot to park and then walking to all of the following homes. Traffic gets very crazy because there is only one road on and off the island. So if you can find a place to park, it will be easier to visit these homes, and they are worth it. You can even park off the island and use the bridges to cross over. And avoid weekends at all costs!

* Encanto House *

10976 S PaddleBoard Way

Check out this house with all of the Encanto decorations and some skeletons, too. This home has already said that 2023 is the last year for this display, so don’t miss it.

* Barbie Land *

10893 Lake Island Drive

Barbie Land is a whole street of Barbie homes. You have to walk in order to see it! If you park near this address you will be close to one end and can walk the entire block. We loved checking out the different Barbie themes. We visited during the day, but there are lights and music if you visit during the night. Read more about Barbie Land here.

* Hogwarts on the Island *

4674 Bayview Dr.

You have to walk around Hogwarts on the Island. There is a lot to see all around the house as you see the Chamber of Secrets, Quidditch, and much more!

* Pirate Home *

10871 Lakedale Lane

Just a few feet beyond Hogwarts of the Island is this Pirate Home. Make sure to walk over and take a look.

Pirate Ship

4553 Sebago Way

This is a smaller display, but it is near the other homes as you head out to check out a few other displays, that we usually swing by and look at the pirates in this yard.

Beetle Juice House

10832 S Fern Ridge

This is a fun little house with some decorations and a focus on the Beetlejuice movie.

Nightmare Before Christmas Home

10253 S Silver Mine

This home decorated after the theme of Nightmare Before Christmas. If you walked by the one near Stranger Things, you could skip this home, but it is a cute little house on your way out to the Monster Radio show.

Monster Radio Show

10146 Thyme Circle

We have been going to watch Monster Radio for many years. We have a whole blog post about this fun show. The different light monsters dance and move to the music. This is one that you’ll stay and watch for awhile. More info here.

So many great houses to see!

This it the order of the full drive that we did. It look a few hours to fully enjoy all of these South Jordan Halloween Displays. This map has all the stops to help you find your way.

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