Bandwagon Park in Lehi

Bandwagon Park 10

Lehi City just upgraded Bandwagon Park in Lehi. This park is located at 200 W 900 N in Lehi, and is called Bandwagon Park because there is an old Lehi Silver Band wagon on display there, as well as a plaque honoring the memories of this historic Lehi Band. But now, there is also a really fun playground.

The bandwagon is fun to look at. It's right behind a small stage, and the bathrooms.
The bandwagon is fun to look at. It’s right behind a small stage, and the bathrooms.

The new playground has a lot of climbing structures, and a whole bunch of spinny toys. My boys really loved climbing through the tunnels, over the bridges, and trying out the new slides. The tallest slide is VERY fast, and bumpy. Our youngest was slightly terrified of it, but my older boys thought it was awesome! There is also a slack rope to walk on (it’s very wide and sturdy), which I’ve never seen at any other park.

Bandwagon Park 11
This is the FAST slide!
Bandwagon Park 13
There are lots of tunnels and bridges on this playground.
Bandwagon Park
The boys loved exploring all the spaces at Bandwagon Park.
Bandwagon Park 2
These stepping stones connect the playground to the bandwagon.

Some other fun parts of this park are the rock climbing structure, and the spinning cage (I made that name up myself). My three year-old was able to climb up the rock climbing tunnel all by himself. The spinning cage was popular, but it was hard for the kids to spin on their own, so I gave them a few good spins before they started to get queasy. There is also a fun nature sound spinner. You turn the spinner and it plays different sounds from nature, mostly animal noises, but we had a great time naming all the sounds.

Bandwagon Park 3
We listened to all the Nature Sounds.
Bandwagon Park 5
We love when there is a climbing area for the little kids, too. He feels so big!
Bandwagon Park 7
This spinning apparatus was very popular with the kids.
Bandwagon Park 8
Our boys loved spinning in this cup, too.

What makes the playground unique, is there is an actual Lehi silver band wagon in playground form. You can sit or stand on the wagon, and rock it back and forth. It is so neat that this playground is customized for this park and city. We loved this part of the park.

Bandwagon Park 1
Bandwagon Park is a ton of fun!

Bandwagon Park also has a lot of shade, grass, bathrooms, and two pavilions. The playground doesn’t have a lot of shade, so make sure to put sunscreen on the kids, but you will find shade around the playground, as well as benches to sit and watch the kiddos. But you might want to play with them at this park.

Bandwagon Park 6
The pavilions are nice and shady.
Bandwagon Park 12
There were also some fun talking tubes!

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