Lehi Splash Pad at Ivory Ridge Park

Lehi Splash Pad 1

As Lehi citizens we were super excited that Lehi decided to add a splash pad to Ivory Ridge Park. The Lehi Splash Pad is a fun place to visit on a hot summer day.


This splash pad has a river and spraying elements, much like the Highland Splash Pad or Springville Splash Pad. The Lehi Splash Pad is different because there isn’t a separate spray only section like these other two splash pads have. All the sprayers are right next to or even right in the river. There are a few small sprayers for the littler kids so that they don’t get blasted too much.

Lehi Splash Pad 3
Here are the little fountains. These fountains stayed on the whole time while the others would go on and off every once in awhile.
Lehi Splash Pad 7
This is the biggest portion of sprayers together. You can also see the bathrooms are super close to the splash pad.
Lehi Splash Pad 8
We liked the tunnels made by the sprayers over the river.
Lehi Splash Pad 5
There were a lot of kids, but plenty of room!

The highlight is definitely the river. The kids loved splashing through the water and even laying down in it. I liked putting my feet in while I watched the kids to cool me off. My boys invented a fun game where they floated their flip-flops down the river. They would start at the top of the river, follow their flip-flop down to the drain, and declare a winner. They did this for most of the two hours that we were there. Other kids caught on and floated their flip-flops, as well as a ball and rubber duckie. I recommend teaching your kids to play this game, especially the bigger kids!

Lehi Splash Pad 9
The river is only a few inches deep.
Lehi Splash Pad 4
The river starts here on the right, curves around all the way over between those trees, and ends at a drain back there.
Lehi Splash Pad 10
Float the flip-flops makes for hours of entertainment!

There are bathrooms right next to the Lehi Splash Pad and a huge shady pavilion that is really close, so parents can sit and watch everyone easily. There is also a huge grassy field to play on, and a paved trail that walks from the splash pad down to the other side of the field where there is a smaller playground and pavilion, and a basketball court. The paved trail makes a circle around this park.

Lehi Splash Pad 2
The pavilion is close to both the splash pad and playground. I loved that I could sit and see everything very well.
Lehi Splash Pad 15
There is a lot of grass! The paved trail on the right walks down almost to those houses and then back on the other side.

We enjoyed the playground that is next to the splash pad, too. There are two play areas, one for kids ages 2-5, and one for the older crowd. My boys had fun on both, but they especially liked the rock climbing wall and the big slide. There are lots of fun little places to sit in the shade that many kids enjoyed. The water turns off every 60-90 minutes, so the playground is nice to have while the water is being cleaned. This break is also perfect for a bathroom break.

Lehi Splash Pad 11
Here is Ivory Ridge Park’s playground.
Lehi Splash Pad 12
The rock climbing wall was fun, even in flip flops.
Lehi Splash Pad 13
This is the smaller playground, and all the kids loved these toy binoculars.
Lehi Splash Pad 14
The big slide was fast and bumpy!

We plan on spending lots of days at the Lehi Splash Pad, so make sure to add it to your list of water fun for the summer, too! The Lehi Splash Pad is open from 10 am – 8 pm during the summer. It’s located at 3200 N 500 W in Lehi at Ivory Ridge Park.

The Lehi Splash Pad has a lot of fun stuff to do!
The Lehi Splash Pad has a lot of fun stuff to do!

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