Sand Dune Arch | Kanab

Sand Dune Arch is large free-standing arch near Kanab. It is not to be confused with the more famous Sand Dune Arch in Arches National Park, which is much better known. This arch is unique and you can walk right underneath.

Sand Dune Arch near Kanab requires a short walk through thick red sand, but the hike only runs about a quarter mile each way. If you are in a truck, you can drive right to the arch, but the sand is soft, so we recommend the short walk.

Sand Dune Arch is a unique arch near Kanab.


In order to find Sand Dune Arch, turn west onto Hancock Road between Orderville and Kanab. This is the turnoff (or rather, one of the turnoffs) for Coral Pink Sand Dune State Park. Travel about 0.8 mile to a small sandy road. You’ll pass other small roads, so watch the odometer. There is a sign for road 64. You’ll know you are at the correct turn because a large hoodoo will be directly north of the road.

If you feel confident in your vehicle, you can follow this road to the arch. Otherwise, park parallel to Hancock Road and walk along the sandy road toward the hoodoo. When you reach it, turn left and down. At the next junction, turn right and the arch is only about 100 yards farther. 

This is the road to watch for to find Sand Dune Arch.
This is the hoodoo. You can drive out here in the sand, but we walked to be safe.
After heading down the hill, take a right to find the arch.

Sand Dune Arch

Sand Dune Arch is large enough to walk through, though the opening is fairly tiny compared to the entire free-standing arch. It is also possible to climb on top of the arch, though make sure you do this carefully. Also don’t harm the arch in any way, including scratching names, marks or initials into its surface. 

Lot of stops to play in the sand.
You can walk right underneath Sand Dune Arch.

This arch is not much visited, so you may find a bit of rare peace in this part of the state. This would be a nice place to let the kids play in the soft sand for a few minutes, though there isn’t much shade, and the sun can be brutal throughout southern Utah. Even for this short walk, you’ll want a hat, sunscreen, and a bit of water. Enjoy the arch!

We love finding hidden gems like this in Utah.

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