Theodore Roosevelt National Park Kid Hikes

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is a beautiful place to visit. This park is full of hikes and scenic spots. After we spent a full day exploring, we found 10 family-friendly trails that we recommend for you to try when visiting. Here is our list of Theodore Roosevelt National Park Kid Hikes.

An important note about Theodore National Park Kid Hikes is that this park has two completely different sections. The two sections are not connected within each other. You will have to exit one unit to visit the other. So we have divided these hikes into those two sections to help you as you plan your trip to this national park.

North Unit

Little Mo Trail

The Little Mo Trail is a beautiful nature trail near the Juniper campground. The trail is 0.7 miles, flat, easy, and perfect for a quick intro to Theodore Roosevelt National Park. We even saw some bison on this trail.

Caprock Coulee Nature Trail

This trail is 1.6 miles roundtrip and has a nature guide with 20 stops along the way. Each numbered sign along the Caprock Coulee Nature Trail matches with a small paragraph in the guide that teaches about the plants and animals in this park.

Prairie Dog Town Trail

The Prairie Dog Town trail was our favorite trail in the north unit. The trail is flat and ends in a large area with a huge prairie dog town. We loved watching the prairie dogs run around and chirp at each other.

Sperati Point

This was a trail that we wished we had time for because the views are supposed to be even better than just the overlook, but we ran out of time and it was very windy, so we will have to catch this trail on our next visit.

South Unit

Skyline Vista

Skyline Vista is more of a short walk than a hike because it is only 0.2 miles roundtrip. The trail is paved and walks out to a lovely view of the badlands and grasslands of Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Wind Canyon Trail

This trail is a fun trail because there are stairs, a small canyon, and this beautiful view. Wind Canyon Trail is 0.4 miles roundtrip, but it definitely lived up to its name and was very windy.

Boicourt Trail

Boicourt Trail was one of our favorite trails. The trail starts out paved and walks about 0.2 miles to the end of the pavement. Then the trail continues out onto one of the buttes. We loved walking out along the narrow trail for the amazing views.

Buck Hill

Buck Hill is only 0.1 miles to the top of the hill. It is a moderate climb, but very short. The views are nice at the top, and you can explore around the hill as much as you’d like.

Old East Entrance Trail

The Old East Entrance Trail was so flat and easy. It walks through a small prairie dog town, and ends at the old entrance station for the national park. We enjoyed seeing this historic spot in the park.

Painted Canyon Nature Trail

It had rained the day before we visited and washed out this trail, so we were unable to hike. This was one of the trails we really wanted to try, so add it to your list. It is more moderate because it hikes down into the canyon. This trail is 0.9 miles roundtrip.

We loved our visit to Theodore Roosevelt National Park. We only spent one day exploring the park and can’t wait to visit again. This park is wonderful for families because there are so many easy trails for kids to enjoy. For other hike ideas, visit the Theodore Roosevelt National Park website. And for our family guide to visiting this park, check out our Theodore Roosevelt National Park Family Guide. It includes a free, printable one day itinerary.

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